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Twisted Fate of Love 今夕何夕 Episode 37 Recap

The prince learned from Lu Zhengming that Feng Xi was the second prince Pang Xi, and found out the stamp of Pang Xi in Li Yurou’s bag. Lu Yuantong has also rectified his army and will soon enter the capital to advise him.

The wedding of Li Yurou and Feng Xi had already been held. Dongyue revised the letter and notified the prince, and then rushed to the private house in the suburbs. Li Yurou finally died in this wedding that was interrupted midway, and it was a pity for her lifelong obsession to the end.

While Dongyue and others were arrested, Feng Xi was taken hostage by Lu Yuantong to fetch Yuxi, and went to the secret room to touch the organ. He would never hand over Yuxi, he wanted Lu Yuantong to die here. Dongyue was worried about him coming, she had guessed that Feng Xi might have died with Lu Yuantong, but the secret room collapsed, Feng Xi was alone with the stone slabs to protect Dongyue, and they smashed him to his bones.

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