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Twisted Fate of Love 今夕何夕 Episode 39 Recap

Murongyi and Feng Xi are in business with you and me, but emotionally, she can only collect this love alone, because Feng Xi has a part in her heart, and her love cannot be responded to.

When Feng Xi Dongyue got married, the left minister and the prince suddenly broke into the hall. He came to capture Feng Xi, the remnant of Ming family. But was that copy of the book really burned by the emperor back then? No, the prince and Feng Xi can prove that the one that Feng Xi received in front of the ancestors and the ancestors is true.

Fang Yuan finally died. Before he died, he explained to Dongyue that his family affairs would not end there. It was known that Fang Yuan was just an opponent on the face, but in fact there were people behind him.

Feng Xi lost the letter, and Dongyue’s body also showed looming signs. She is running out of time. The only quickest way to help Feng Xi is to enter the palace, but she and the prince know that this will undoubtedly kill herself.

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