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Twisted Fate of Love 今夕何夕 Episode 40 Recap

The Zuoxiang’s property was acquired by someone behind the scenes, and Dongyue also found a strange letter. The prince was questioned by the emperor and was suspected of being abolished. Everything was in a terrible situation. Dongyue went into the palace alone to persuade the emperor to sin against himself. Zhao, because Feng Xi is Pang Xi, his biological son.

At the same time, Dongyue persuaded Feng Xi to let go of his hatred of the emperor, learn to live a relaxed life, and play a song for him tonight and eve. Feng Xi remembered that his mother and concubine played this song to the emperor when he was a child, and finally was killed by a traitor. , He was a little untenable. Dongyue noticed that something was wrong and immediately supported him, but she herself was also the last of the force, so she fainted in Feng Xi’s arms.

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