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Twisted Fate of Love 今夕何夕 Episode 43 End Recap

The frontier was bitterly cold, and Dongyue made a wish to the Big Dipper, naturally wishing him two to be well. The Feng Ziyuan that Daole was thinking of finally appeared in front of him. It was a long time since I saw that they both had inexplicable excitement with each other, so here, in front of Dongyue Feng Xi, the two worshipped heaven and earth.

Afterwards, everyone planned how to defeat the enemy. Feng Xi and Dongyue came to visit Lu Yuantong’s camp, but they negotiated to no avail. Tomorrow’s battle with Lu Yuantong Zhumingyi will eventually be inevitable.

Fighting bloody and exhausted, when the news came back to the emperor’s ears from Daole, it was said that the two of them were martyred, but the emperor could not see Daole a little sad.

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