Legend of Fei 电视剧版有匪 Episode 20 Recap

Zhou Fei accepted the challenge of Qingyungou in public. Although the internal injury has not been healed at this moment, in order to live up to the reputation of Nandao Li Zheng, she can’t bear to practice kung fu day and night. Seeing Zhou Fei’s appearance, Xie Yun felt real pain. She couldn’t bear to force herself to grow up like this, so he wanted to lure Zhou Fei to divert her attention by laughing, or take the opportunity to let her take a break.

Xie Yun made a provocative speech. Zhou Fei did not dare to look directly at himself, otherwise he would blush in his face and his heart beat faster. Such a provocation made Zhou Fei insist on the opposite and approach Xie Yun step by step. The distance between the two people is getting closer and closer until he can clearly feel the other’s breathing.

Zhou Fei, who didn’t care about it, suddenly felt that her heart beat faster and didn’t dare to continue to look at Xie Yun. She didn’t know why this was like this, so she just pushed it away when she was angry with Xie Yun, so as to pull the breath in her body to be unstable again.

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