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A Dangerous Lover

Hae-Sol has an innocent appearance and a sad past. She meets Jinhyeong while volunteering, and when their love blossoms, she marries him. However, Hae-Sol never expects Jinhyeong to be a hitman in disguise. Unable to accept her husband’s profession, Hae-Sol divorces him and opens a guest house to make a living. Coincidentally, her ex-husband and first love declare they will move into the guest house… Can she overcome this deadly man’s fatal flaws? Their romantic and dangerous life under the same roof begins!

A Dangerous Lover
Alternative Name: Living Together With Killed Trees, A Dangerous Lover, Bloody Cohabitation, Satsubatsu Toshita Doukyo, Sharehouse yang Menyeramkan, 殺伐とした同居 / 살벌한 동거
Genre: romance, drama
Author: Baek Hana
Release: 2020
Status: ongoing
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