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When My Pet Became The Villain1

The villain was reincarnated as an extra in a novel where all the soul was sucked to death. What would you do if you were reborn at best? 18 years of living as a slave after being mistreated by his family. Just as the original did, the parents succeeded in running away, just before they were forcibly sold to the villain. Also, I had a small but happy time with Momo, an organic dog I met in a rural village. But three months later, the dog that took care of his pampering disappeared! They are caught by their families and are dedicated to villains. The moment I was discouraged that I had a rusting death, “Why are you so surprised? It’s me, your puppy Momo.”

When My Pet Became The Villain1
Alternative Name: Evcil Hayvanım Kötü Birine Dönüştüğünde, 내 반려동물이 악당이 되었을 때
Genre: Drama, Fantasy, Romance
Author: Seo Jaemi
Release: 2020
Status: ongoing
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