Fall in Love with a Fox


There is a cook girl “Millions” in the Jin’s Escort, who is good at cooking and good-natured. Because of her second name, she is extremely sad because of her peach blossom luck.

However, when Jin Wanwan was 19 years old, he finally made a marriage contract with a young man. Because this husband had a knife in his smile, he was so thoughtful that he deceived her and caused her to be stabbed. Let her be careful at all times. And because of her beauty and gentleness, saving her and protecting her has a wealth of tens of millions, which really tests the determination of an older unmarried woman.

Love rivals from all walks of life followed one after another, and the conspiracy of the rivers and lakes flourished. She and her husband fell in love and killed each other, and her life was very happy.

Although she knows that the black-bellied fox is risky, she must be cautious if she likes… But the husband is beautiful and sultry, if he doesn’t take advantage of his wife before he divorces his wife, wouldn’t he be a second-hand!

Fall in Love with a Fox
Associated Names: 狐狸在手, I have the fox in my hands
Nan child prisoners Mission
Genres: novel
Year: N/A
Status: ongoing

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