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The Night To Find Me


Cha Soo-young, a contract employee who is in the worst corner of his life.
Director Kwon Yoo-an, the only successor to JN Group.
A gap of hundreds of millions of light years existed between the two.

He has been making devilish offers in a rather good tone.

“Life is only what happens on this small planet, at the most magnificent. That’s what’s going to happen to us in this house, in that bed.”

Swimming was not well distinguished. Are you being persuaded or tempted?

The chaotic and brilliant Dong-A-Jul was given to her who lives in darkness.
The moment he accepted the contract, a relationship with a dark man that could not be reached began.

I didn’t even know him until a few months ago.
How desperate it was to just grab a one-year contract and try to survive somehow.
I did. When did it stop? Since when did you become desperate for something other than that?

The gaze of the man looking down was stinging.

“Can I praise you for being pretty?”

Not long ago, I never expected the day to hear these words while lying naked in front of this man.

“It’s very lovely. Much more than in my imagination.”

The twisted aspirations of a fierce woman and a lonely man began to entangle.

The Night To Find Me
Associated Names:
Genres: romance
Year: 2020
Status: 93

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