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Back to the 80s to Raise a Wolfy Boyfriend


Only after Gu Jin died did he know that the only person who collected her body and avenged her by any means was the little wolf cub who had a good meal.

After rebirth, she found the little boy who was being bullied and thinned into a lute bone, and adopted him regardless of everyone’s opposition.

In this era of business opportunities everywhere, Gu Jinyin accidentally stepped into the world of supernatural powers, holding the space and starting his cub-raising career.

But I don’t know when, she accidentally raised the cub crooked…

Many years later.

Gu Jin watched the handsome business emperor on TV, but in reality, he couldn’t help gritting his teeth.

She thought she was raising a caring little padded coat, but she never thought that the other party was a cannibal little wolf dog.

The resurrection of life Gu Jin changed his fate against the sky and became a respected little nine master.

No one knows everything from aristocratic families to the wealthy and upstarts.

Ancient art is in hand, wealth and power are in hand!

Back to the 80s to Raise a Wolfy Boyfriend
Associated Names: 重生八零养狼崽
She’s a Flower
Genres: Drama, Romance, Urban Life
Year: N/A
Status: Ongoing

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