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I Am the Big Boss in Ten Thousand Realms


Shuttle through the heavens, walk in the world!

Under one person:

Luo Tiandajiao, he suppressed the ten guys, and was invincible. With all his hands and feet, the mountains collapsed and the ground broke. “Zhang Chulan, let me tell you, what is the real Qi! Body! Source! Flow!!!!!!

Fox demon little matchmaker:

The royal family, he flicked his finger, the world changed color, and the sword of the royal power broke every inch, “At the beginning of the month, rich and rich, thousands of rivers and mountains, you need to go down together!”

Star change:

At Yunwu Mountain Villa, he stood with his hands in his hands and looked up at the sky full of stars, “Qin Yu, all you need to know is that all the immortals and cultivators are all shit!”

Doupa, Douluo, Super God, Heaven-shading, Perfect, Primitive…

The heavens and the world, ancient and modern future, I am the strongest guy!

I Am the Big Boss in Ten Thousand Realms
Associated Names: 我在万界是大佬
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Genres: Action, Adventure, Fan-Fiction, Fantasy
Year: N/A
Status: Completed

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