The Concubine of the Beast Controlling: Miss Wastewood

The Concubine of the Beast Controlling: Miss Wastewood
Other names: 驭兽帝妃:废柴大小姐
Author:  Lan Youruo
Genre: Novel, Fantasy, Love
Release: Unknown
Status: 717 Ongoing


In her previous life, she was framed by her dearest brother and died in the fire. When the soul returned to another world, she became a waste material and abandoned son, and also presented a small bun with an unknown biological father, which was trampled and insulted wantonly. She was proud of her life, and was never a temperament to endure humiliation.

Unseal the seal, conceal ancient artifacts, collect the beasts, and bond with the tripod. Practice talents against the sky, refine alchemy, make poison, and open the way to the strong. See how she can turn the tide and change her fate! People who have deceived her and humiliated her despising her will be refunded a hundred times! But why is the emperor who has been so distracted by everyone, but always follows behind her, saying that her little bun is his child?


Chapter 1 Die!
Chapter 2 Sister
Chapter 3 Settlement One by One
Chapter 4 Who is here?
Chapter 5 Spirit Beast Contract
Chapter 6 The Way to Make You Better Than Death
Chapter 7 Do one thing for me
Chapter 8 Those Who Are Blessed by Gods and Buddhas
Chapter 9 Daddy, I knew it was wrong