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Double Marriage

In order to pay off a large debt for her aunt, Qin Yue Lu was forced to marry a retarded person in place of her cousin sister. But unexpectedly, the retarded person’s brother appeared at the wedding, Zong Ming Hao, the third-generation heir of Zong Family. “You’re finally in my hands, and I won’t let you go.

In order to avenge the humiliation of his childhood, Zong Ming Hao forced his way and marries his brother’s fiancee. Who was the first to fall into this misplaced marriage, and how did the absurd beginnings successfully end?

Double Marriage
Alternative Name:
Genre: Manhua, Romance, Slice of Life
Author: Nian Hua Fu Liu (Original) + Ai Lu Mao Man Hua Gong Zuo Shì
Release: 2020
Status: ongoing
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