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Let me resign!


In 990, Isaiah, a mercenary, asked to resign but did not give up.
In the year 992 of the Agritsa calendar, Isaiah the scribe resigned for health reasons, so he refused.
In 993 of the Agritsa calendar, Isaiah, an intermediate knight, asked to resign, so he refused.
In the year 999 of the Agritsa calendar, Isaiah, the commander of the Knights, requested to withdraw from the office, but he was not happy.
In the first year of the divine calendar, when Prime Minister Isaiah announced his dismissal, the emperor quit tyranny and became a holy army.

[From the History of the Holy Unification Empire]

Isaiah devoted all his body and mind to his motherland. But the result was the death penalty.

The second life that came to her. This time , I decided to make the 8th Prince Imar the emperor and enjoy the golden life of no labor and yes money!

By the way,

“Jim needs talent like you.”

When did Isaiah become a talented person?
What makes people cry of emotion?
Why does the scribe record her as an embodiment of patriotic loyalty?
Like this, I looked at the stars and went to work and looked at the sun.

Isaiah hopes again today.

“Please let me resign!”

Let me resign!
Associated Names: 사직하게 해주세요!
Genres: Romance, fantasy
Year: 2020.12.29
Status: N/A

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