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Mr. Lu’s little ancestors are good and sweet

Mr. Lu’s little ancestors are good and sweet
Other names: 陆先生的小祖宗乖又甜, Mr. Lu small ancestors behaved and sweet
Author: Ai Yiyao
Genre: Novel, Romance
Release: Unknown
Status: Ongoing


Everyone knows that the only daughter of the famous Shen family is sick, but she is very precious.
No one knew that the Shen family also had a young daughter named Shen Nu, quietly in front of her sister’s mobile bone marrow bank.
Until the family forced her to have a son on behalf of her sister, Shen Nu decided to fight back: look for the old man who holds a lot of power as a backer.

Condescendingly, Lu Qingchen watched her suffering coldly, indifferent: “Miss Shen, Lu is not a philanthropist.”
But later, it was also him who hugged Shen Nu in his arms, with deep eyes stern: “Who dares to move the person I’m protecting by Lu?”
Friends ridiculed: “Fancy little girl?”
Lu Qingchen smiled lightly: “She’s just a child, she won’t.”

In the eyes of outsiders, Mr. Lu has a dark and bloody history, and he is rich in wealth and profit.
But it was such a man who suddenly one day gave away all his wealth and wrote love words like a little boy:
Shanhe bowed his hands, and Qing Baitou.
A friend laughed at him: “Lu Laowu, do you marry a young ancestor?”


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