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The Melancholy of the Evil Duke Young-ae


Lee Rin possesses a villain in the novel. However, the Duke, who does not know the fact, thinks that she is a memory loss, and forces her to marry the second prince of the Rennes Empire. However, the 2nd Prince was living as a dog during the day due to the curse of an evil wizard. A dog with a fur during the day, who can only be human at night.

Lee-Lin didn’t even know that, and since she raised a dog in the Imperial Palace, she treated her with kindness. Later, they named it Sundubu.

β€œβ€¦ … soft tofu.”
β€œβ€¦ … king!”

Sundubu, no, 2nd Prince Schuert likes her who doesn’t think she’s a husband and is good at it. Lee

Rin, who decided to accept the reality, gradually stabilized near the soft tofu,
and then she wonders about her husband who has never seen her face.

β€œWhat kind of person is my husband?”
β€œβ€¦ … .”
β€œWhere can I meet you?”

The melancholy of the evil Duke Young-ae
Associated Names: μ‚¬μ•…ν•œ κ³΅μž‘ μ˜μ• μ˜ 우울
Seol Dan-hee
Genres: Romance, fantasy
Year: Dec, 2020
Status: N/A

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