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Sand Nuan Sleeping Mandarin Duck


Some people say: Your fiancée is a cumbersome, take advantage of not officially taking the position, quickly retired, embrace your promising future, and become the boss as soon as possible.

Huo Yan: Let’s watch it first.
Some people say: Your country fiancée lacks training, and she must be ashamed to come to the big city.
Huo Yan: Observing.

Later, someone said: Huo Yan, your daughter-in-law will only engage in careers and chase dramas, without you in her eyes. President Ba is still cold and arrogant: she is attentive and dedicated, never scheming, independent and simple, where to find such a wife.

After returning home, President Ba Zhenfu Gang: Pu Suiyu, are you blind! Whoever puts a handsome, powerful, financial, and wise husband who doesn’t look at him, he just stares at the screen every day those men who are less than his finger!

Sand Nuan Sleeping Mandarin Duck
Associated Names: 沙暖睡鸳鸯
a deep lake
Genres: romance
Year: 2020
Status: N/A

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