Chapter 1 The Worst Traveler

During the Zhenguan period, winter, white snow flew.

Jingzhao County, outside Lantian County.

Wearing a woolen hat and animal skin clothes, Wang Yuan was sitting in a wooden house on the outskirts, with half of the dry grass roots in his mouth, and a table of pastries around him.

And behind him, there were two men dressed as servants.

Of these two, one was a middle-aged man, and the other was a half-century man close to fifty.

They claimed to be bankrupt merchants. Two days ago, Wang Yuan took a glance at them and accepted them as subordinates.

Although they are dressed in coarse linen, they carry an inexplicable noble temperament, especially middle-aged men, even more extraordinary.

“Lao Li, quickly pour me a cup of tea.”

Wang Yuan stretched out and looked at Feixue outside the window, yawning: “Hurry up, remember to keep the water warm.”

Hearing this, the middle-aged man raised his brows. Stepped forward and poured a cup of tea abruptly!

The half-hundred old man on the side was blinking, seeming to be holding back a smile.

“Old house, don’t stand up either, please prepare a plate of footwash for me, don’t get too hot.” Wang Yuan ordered again.

Lao Fang: “…”

“It’s really boring!”

Not long after, Wang Yuan washed his feet, took a sip of hot tea, and sighed.

He is actually a traverser, a high-achieving history student in his previous life, but since coming to Datang for two months, every day has been suffering.

Because of his traversal, it was too aggrieved. The other traversers were born directly invincible with super gold fingers.

And put it here, but there is nothing!

Not only was he born just a wealthy businessman who inherited the wealth of ten thousand families, but even the golden finger would not be fully activated after half a year!

Whenever he thought of this, he would cry without tears!

Don’t talk about the prosperity of the Tang Dynasty, the country of all nations, and the absence of the Internet is bullshit!

Now that he can’t open his face, what is the meaning of his crossing?

Now, he is bored to watch the snow.

Really lonely as snow.

This is very sad…….

“You are bored, you ghost!”

Like Wang Yuan’s depression, Lao Li was also annoyed in his heart, and Lao Fang was scared to speak completely.


Jing is not interesting, go back.” After a while, Wang Yuan got up, the old house bluntly passed the sweater, Wang Yuan put it on quickly, and the three left the wooden house like this.

Wang Yuan walked ahead, Lao Li and Lao Fang followed behind with umbrellas to block the snow. The three of them walked along the path, stopping and walking all the way, and entered Lantian County.

Entering the city, the wind and snow above the three of them seemed to disappear, as if they had entered another world.

As you can see, there is no snow on the road and the roof.

On both sides, each of the people took a bucket of white crystal particles and spread it all over Lantian County, melting the snow.

Fine salt!

Seeing this scene, Lao Li and Lao Fang’s expressions moved slightly.

Even if it was not the first time they saw it, they were still shocked by the vision.

Refined salt is hard to find in the capital. Only high-ranking officials can enjoy it. There is very little circulation, and even he can’t enjoy it all the time.

But here, it was used by the people to melt the ice!

Not only that, but there are also square wooden scaffolds in the distance, with rice paper and silk hanging around, and inside are full of cold-resistant spinach and a warm charcoal stove.

In this period when many people in the pass can’t even eat food, Lantian County is like a paradise where the people live and work in peace and contentment, the elderly and children are contented.

Both of them were silent, and the dissatisfaction accumulated before slowly dissipated.

Their identities are very special, so they can see more.

Whether it is melting snow with refined salt or growing vegetables in a greenhouse, it is a miracle when this snowstorm is flooding!

“! Feeling, it is not enough salt,”

saw his eyes around, Wang Yuan to himself, behind the talk of the town and tenements immediately face stiff: “? Wang Gongzi, you really need to be so wasteful”

salt have been more to It’s not enough to melt the ice?

“Waste? It’s not that much. These salt is not worth a few dollars.” Wang Yuan shook his head.

“They are all purchased and purified by myself, and I can give them to whomever I love.”

As a modern person, in his eyes, the value of refined salt is just like that.

The reason for doing this is just to help Lantian County overcome the disaster.


Upon hearing this, both Lao Li and Lao Fang felt suffocated in their chests, very uncomfortable.

For the first time, they felt that they had failed in half their lives.

“Prince Wang is wealthy and healthy!” After the

three of them walked all the way, there was a sound of praise all the way, and each of Wang Yuan nodded in response, without any pretensions.

And still inquiring about the lack of supplies.

Lao Li and Lao Fang were silent again, looking at the smiles on the faces of the people.

I am afraid it is the magistrate of Lantian County. They are not as prestigious as Wang Yuan.


Arriving in front of the Wang family’s mansion, an old servant in grey clothes came out excitedly: “You are back!”

“This snowy day, I thought you had an accident…”

Upon hearing this, Wang Yuan curled his lips and interrupted his words: “Uncle Ming, can you say something nice? I just went to see it. Is it snow?”

“This snow will never stop this year. If I don’t come out, is it suffocated in the house?”

“This…” Uncle Ming was stuck .

On the other hand,

Lao Fang and Lao Fang ‘s expressions changed drastically: “Prince Wang, what did you just say? This snow will not stop this year?” Lao Li was very anxious and asked urgently.

This snow will not stop this year?

If someone else said this, he would definitely give it up, but now it comes from Wang Yuan!

After these few days of getting along, they have already seen that Wang Yuanjue is very human and will not aimlessly!

Wang Yuan was taken aback, and then nodded: “Yes, not only this year, but also next year.”

There are no outsiders here, and he doesn’t have too much worries. He treats it as blowing water.

“At the beginning of next year, there will be a locust plague, which is considered a once-in-a-hundred-year level.”

“This thief, God, the old will torture people.” Wang Yuan was a little emotional.

This natural disaster in the early years of Zhenguan was terrifying!

“Prince Wang, what basis do you have for saying this?”

Lao Li gritted his teeth, his eyes fired, and he didn’t believe it at all: “If there is no basis, don’t spread rumors!”

What happened next year hasn’t happened yet, why is this Wang Yuan? So expected?


Wang Yuan looked at Lao Li’s anxious appearance, he was taken aback, did not hide it, and said with a light smile:

“Because the two disasters are a pair.”

“The locusts eat the crops, and then madly breed and lay eggs. Ice and snow preserve the eggs.”

“Originally, most of the eggs will be swallowed by birds, but with the protection of ice and snow, they can be preserved almost 100%!”

“It can be said that as long as the spring comes, the threat and number of locust plagues will skyrocket dozens of times! “

This is a very simple truth, do you need any basis?” The

last sentence is loud!

As a high-achieving student in history, Wang Yuan knew very well that almost all locust disasters in history were due to heavy snowstorms, and only the few in modern times were due to large numbers of birds being killed.

As soon as this statement was made, the atmosphere suddenly fell silent, and all three people present were dumbfounded!

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