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Chapter 1366 This is the ability of money

As soon as Lin Yan arrived at the training ground, a transfer message suddenly appeared on her mobile phone-

[Alipay received 100000 yuan]

Yunxuan transferred it to her.

Lin Yan raised his eyes to see the young man sitting in the stands, and hurriedly walked over.

Lin Yan: “Yun Xuan!”

Yun Xuan stood up as soon as he saw Lin Yan, “Master!”

“Why are you suddenly transferring so much money to me?” Lin Yan asked with his mobile phone.

Yun Xuan replied with some embarrassment: “Master, this…this is the bonus given to me by the boss. It is…I honored the master to you.”

Lin Yan was really moved to tears when he heard this, and accepted several apprentices. There was no worry, the one that was just collected was the scene of a car accident. Fortunately, Yun Xuan could comfort her a little.

“Hey, take this bonus yourself, save it and use it to marry a wife.” Lin Yan said.

Yun Xuan was anxious when he heard this: “Master…Master, I don’t have a girlfriend yet, so I’m not in a hurry. You accept it, there is no such thing as today without a master, Master, this is what I should honor you, Master. Be sure to accept it!”

The child seemed to be getting more and more fluent when talking to her.

Seeing his resolute attitude, Lin Yan didn’t refuse any more. It just so happened that some parts of his car had to be replaced, so he would get a set and send him another day.

After today’s training was over, Xiao Yao suddenly appeared on the training ground.

Lin Yan saw Xiao Yao from a distance, and his scalp was numb.

Xiao Yao usually doesn’t come to inspect, so what is he doing now?

“Boss! Why are you here!” Lin Yan leaned forward dogmatically and said.

Xiao Yao glanced at the girl faintly: “I didn’t promise to teach me to train. I forgot so soon, Master?”

Lin Yan: “Uh…”

Hearing Xiao Yao’s last two words, Mo Shuyun and Qi were on the sidelines. Feng was shocked: “Master?” What did

Xiao Yaogang call Lin Yan?

Yun Xuan also looked at Lin Yan Xiaoyao in surprise.

Lin Yan had no choice but to introduce to everyone, “Well, I just took boss Xiao as an apprentice… so…”

Lin Yan looked at Yun Xuan, “Yun Xuan, tell you about it, this is your junior.”

Yun Xuan: “…”

Mo Shuyun and Qi Feng’s jaws were almost taken off, “Wh…what? Did you accept the boss as an apprentice?”

The other team members next to him couldn’t sit still, and they all talked about each other. Mumbled, “Team Lin, didn’t you say that you don’t accept apprentices?”

“That’s right! Then we want too! We want to apprentice too!”

“Why don’t you accept us, it’s not fair!”

Lin Yanmian He glanced at everyone blankly: “Please, you are a little self-aware, okay? Boss Xiao’s driving talent is unprecedented, and there is no one behind. You can’t catch up even if you shoot a horse. I can’t find a second person in the entire racing circle. I received Xiao boss for the apprentice how, and that you Xiao boss driving skills with others than you? Xiao boss a hand rolled can you! forgot that a test of the glory of heaven boss yet? “

presence of these people Many of them have seen Xiao Yao’s horrifying driving skills early in the morning. At this moment, listening to Lin Yan’s nonsense, all the corners of their mouths twitched and their faces were speechless.

“Why do you all have this expression? The roller coaster is superb. Did I make a mistake?” Lin Yan raised his eyebrows.

Everyone shook their heads, and dared not expose them with a dry smile.

“Yes, that’s right, Mr. Xiao’s driving skills are really great!”



because of car skills?

Are you sure it is because of the boss’s superb car skills, not because of the boss’s ability to make money?

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