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Chapter 1368 Two Roads

Shang Beiyue sneered, “I just can’t bear him thinking of himself as a spokesperson for his father.” When

everyone in the hall saw the boy come forward, they were relieved. Among these brothers and sisters, only the fourth and fourth Shang Hui could survive the fifth. .

The old four Shang Hui looked young and looked like a child, but no one knew how old he was.

“Fourth brother, where’s father.” Shang Beiyue asked.

“Father is still resting.” Shang Hui said towards Shang Beiyue.

“Then, my father told me to come back this time…” Shang Beiyue was a little confused.

“Oh, I got the news that someone is going to assassinate my father, in order to be foolproof, so I called you back in the name of my father. You can come back. I don’t know what will happen outside.” Shang Hui said.

“Someone is going to assassinate his father?”

As Shang Hui’s voice fell, Shang Beiyue’s eyes flashed with cold light, “Who is so bold.”

“I don’t know for the time being.” Shang Hui said lightly, “These years, I think. There are too many people who want his father’s life. Even the elders of the Shang clan want to replace his father.”

Shang Beiyue smiled after hearing the sound, “Those old things have lived in comfort for a long time, even what their surnames are. I have forgotten, and I don’t want to think about it, if there is no father, how can the

Shang clan have such a high status in today’s evolutionary power clan.” “Not only the Shang clan, but also many big forces want to make their father disappear. . ” “

because of the presence of his father, damage the interests of many people, the father has the strongest evolution of those experimental techniques, as long as his father was still day, the other day in the study of evolution clan evolution of those experiments would never emerge .”

“Oh, not so much that they want the life of their father, it is better to say that they want to get the experimental technology of the evolutionary from the father.”

At this moment, many young men and women in the hall looked at each other.

Many powerful evolutionary forces have been passed on for hundreds of years, and natural evolutionaries are extremely rare and cannot be forced. If you want to keep the evolutionary clan strong, you must borrow experimental techniques to continuously produce acquired evolutionaries for the clan. , So as to maintain the power and status of the clan.

If there is no laboratory technology that continuously produces acquired evolved people, those powerful evolved clans, I am afraid that they will disappear completely in less than a hundred years.

Among these powerful evolutionary clan, their father, Shang Yuan’s experimental technology is the strongest. Many of the acquired evolutionaries produced are no weaker than the innate evolutionaries. This has always been the status of the Shang clan as the evolutionary. The unshakable direct cause in the power.

And their father, Shang Yuan’s technology, even the Holy Land was coveted. The Holy Land messenger had found Shang Yuan and wanted to develop a new experimental technology with Shang Yuan, but he was rejected by Shang Yuan.

“Oh, those people’s minds are very obvious. Father has such technology, which is really scary. For other clans, there will only be two ways for father to go. The

first way is to let father publish the technology. It’s fairer for the big clans to master this kind of technology. The second way is to let the father disappear forever, so that no one wants to control this kind of technology. It’s relatively fair.” Shang Hui said.

“It’s impossible for my father to disclose the technology. Therefore, there are too many people who want his father to disappear. We can only stand up and help my father get rid of all the offenders.”

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