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Chapter 1369 The visitor is a guest

The old five Shang Beiyue stood in the distance and did not speak. His father was indeed very dangerous. One of the biggest reasons was that his father was an evolving physique. He could not fight with those truly powerful innate evolvers. If he is approached, It’s easy to lose your life.

None of them have seen his father take action, but everyone present is a super-evolutionary cultivated by his father using experimental techniques. They can naturally sense the strength of his father.

late at night, dozens of miles away from the hall.

The man is wearing a white coat and walking forward.

There was another person behind the man in white.

“That’s it, but you need to be cautious. Shang Beiyue, Shang Hui and others are back and guard Shang Yuan.”

Hearing the sound, the white-clothed man smiled slightly: “It’s a good thing, but it’s a pity that Shang Yuan doesn’t know how to promote him. This kind of technology, to this world, is like a time bomb, which may explode at any time.

Since he is unwilling to hand it over, then he can only disappear. If it is not for righteousness, why would my holy land suddenly do this kind of robbery? It’s something.”

“Yeah.” The man nodded, a complicated look appeared in his eyes.

The existence of the Holy Land is to balance the coexistence of ordinary people and the evolutionary world. If there is no Holy Land, this world would have been unknown for a long time. Those powerful evolutionaries will not have the slightest fear of fear. The existence of the Holy Land makes Many evolutionaries dare not act recklessly in the world of ordinary people.

After a while, the two came out of the hall, and the Holy Land messenger stopped and looked inward.

“Unfortunately, the terrible adopted children of Shang Yuan are almost all gathered and they are all guarding in the hall.” The holy land envoy smiled slightly.

“The messenger needs to be cautious. Those people are not easy to deal with. If they find out, they can only escape.”

“No problem, Shang Yuan will leave it to me. I will give Shang Yuan one last chance tonight, if he is willing to hand over the technology. , Cooperating with the Holy Land, everyone is very happy. After all, Shang Yuan himself has nothing to blame, but the technology he has mastered…”

Before the people behind him could speak, the Holy Land messenger suddenly turned into a phantom and passed through the wall. ?????????????????????????????????????????????????

Upon seeing this, the man looked slightly surprised, walking through the wall, he still has this evolutionary power.

… After a long time, in Shang Yuan’s room.

The lights flickered and dimmed, and the man wore a white shirt, drawing his figure vividly and vividly.

The man has no expression, his face is extremely cold, he looks like a twenty-seventh-eighth young man.

Shang Yuan suddenly opened a pair of eyes, glanced aside intentionally or unintentionally, and immediately said: “The visitor is a guest, why sneaky.”

As Shang Yuan’s voice fell, a white-robed holy land envoy seemed to drift away from the wall. Out.

“Your Excellency is the Shang Yuan of the Shang clan.” The Holy Land Messenger smiled.

“If I say I am not, you will leave, if so, then I am not.” The man said blankly.

“Hehe, it’s really not as well known as meeting. I never thought that the famous Shang Yuan was so humorous… Not only that, this appearance is also quite different from the rumors. It is rumored that Shang Yuan is the image of a rickety old man. This is quite different now. “Great.”

“The messenger of the Holy Land came to me. It’s not a special trip to praise me.”

Shang Yuan put his suit on his side, unbuttoning two shirt sleeves, and said lightly: “I came here.”

“It’s just an old saying. Let me mention it again. Someone in our sacred land had contact with the Shang family back then. I hope you can hand over the experimental technology or develop it in cooperation with our sacred land. Do you know about this.” The Holy Land messenger said.

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