Chapter 1441 Hidden Strength?

Chapter 1441 Hidden Strength?

The game was about to start, and Mo Shuyun hurried back.

“Where did you go?” Lin Yan asked casually.

“Uh, diarrhea…Goddess, come on!” Mo Shuyun didn’t mention the matter just now, and now nothing can affect Lin Yan and Yunxuan’s state.

Lin Yan didn’t think much, nodded.

Her principle in the world’s No. 1 league is to retain her strength and make it into the top three.

After all, it will be the top of the game soon, so as not to have any moths on the foreign side, low-key is the best, and the top of the game is advanced.

Last time Ives, the vice president of a foreign racing guild, discovered her identity, and she has always been a little worried.

In the preliminaries just now, she did not exert all her strength as usual.

At present, from the perspective of the total results of the three divisions, the best preliminaries are Ling Yang, and Lin Yan is only ranked third.

This result is in line with the level she should have, not ugly, and not too eye-catching.

If it were in the past, she wouldn’t care about these things, but after all, after so much, how could she not have any eyesight.

She had to be cautious if she wanted to fight those old foxes.

This time the Huaguo division is indeed a big rise. Of the nine racers who have entered the finals, China alone has made three.

The closed training of Ling Yang and Tang Sheng is indeed very effective, this time even set the record of the world’s first league, and defeated those arrogant foreign teams.

It seems that these two teams did deliberately hide their strength before.

Even Lin Yan had to admit that Ling Yang and Tang Sheng ran well this time, especially Ling Yang. Hua Guo’s car finally improved.

If nothing goes wrong, Ling Yang and Tang Sheng are very likely to be in the top three this time.

However, Yun Xuan and Mi Xiu were indeed a little bit close to the veterans who showed their true strength.

After all, being able to run into the world’s first league at their age is a height that no racing driver can match.

The final begins.

Each of the nine athletes is in position.

Lin Yan’s plan was the same as the previous competitions. He would not use his full strength at the beginning, but would control his speed according to the strength of everyone on the field, so as not to be too conspicuous.

On the first straight track in the starting area, two cars ran to the front one after another, both of them were racers from top foreign teams.

Lin Yan controlled himself in the third place.

I was calculating the speed in my mind, but I found out what was wrong.

The two racers ahead of her turned out to be foreign. Where are Ling Yang and Tang Sheng?

Lin Yan glanced in the rearview mirror, and found that Ling Yang was closely behind him, and Tang Sheng was a little behind.

With these two levels, it shouldn’t be such a low ranking.

What’s more, she must be the one that these two people want to surpass the most!

Is it still hiding power?

It shouldn’t be!

No one will be arrogant to the world’s first league and continue to hide their strength… Of course, except for special circumstances like Lin Yan.

Is it what tactics?

Lin Yan continued to observe for a while and found that Ling Yang and Tang Sheng were always in the direction behind him. Even though there was an obvious opportunity for overtaking, the two still did not overtake.

Tang Sheng may be limited, but Ling Yang hasn’t surpassed it?

This is really strange…

At this moment, Ling Yang and Tang Sheng who deliberately ran behind Lin Yan were almost too angry.

If Lin Yan continues to be ranked third, and the two of them have been warned not to surpass Lin Yan, then they will definitely be eliminated and unable to enter the top game.

damn it!