Chapter 1442 Too new

Chapter 1442 is too new.

With this woman’s strength, she can only deal with the global third league and the global second league. When it comes to the first league, it is immediately revealed.

Are they really going to give up their places in the top game in order to lose to this woman?

However, both Liu Zhengkun and Meng Dong had personally warned that if they did not follow suit, even if they ran into the top game, their future careers would be over.

In the front, Lin Yan even deliberately released the water once in order to test, but the two behind were still unmoved.

Soon after reaching the next hairpin bend, Lin Yan narrowed his eyes and began to accelerate.

After the corner, Lin Yan surpassed the second runner-up.

At the same time, Lin Yan discovered that as soon as she accelerated, Ling Yang and Tang Sheng followed.

Lin Yan felt a little weird, Ling Yang and Tang Sheng, shouldn’t they be… deliberately letting her?

This is the first time in her career that she has been let go…

It’s… so new.

Seeing Lin Yan speed up, Ling Yang breathed a sigh of relief.

If Lin Yan gets second, then he can control his ranking in third, at least he can enter the top game.

But Tang Sheng is probably in danger.

In the second half of the game, Lin Yan had almost figured out the strength of everyone, and gradually started to accelerate appropriately. At the last corner, he surpassed the former M country player Carl and came to the first place.

Ling Yang and Karl began to compete for second place.

Tang Sheng failed to keep up and is currently fourth.

With the deafening cheers of the audience, all vehicles reached the finish line one after another, and the result of the race came out.

First place: Aurora Racing Team Lin Yan

Second: Leiyin Racing Team Ling Yang

Third place: Charles Carr of the Falcons.

Fourth place: Tang Sheng of Lightspeed Team

This result is really amazing!

Tang Sheng maintained the record of fourth place, and Ling Yang broke his best result, successfully reached the top three, and got the ticket to the top game.

This was supposed to be a surprise that made all fans excited. It was the pinnacle of Chinese motorsport. It meant that the Chinese racers finally broke into the pinnacle of the race for so many years.

However, I didn’t expect that Lin Yan, the dark horse, won the first place in the world’s first league. This is really dazzling.

As a result, everyone’s eyes focused on Lin Yan, but no one paid attention to the results of Ling Yang and Tang Sheng.

In the stands, Liu Zhengkun was holding the binoculars. After seeing the result, he was greatly relieved, “It’s okay…”

Ling Yang didn’t win Lin Yan, but he entered the top game. This is already the best result. .

In contrast, Meng Dong’s expression was not so good-looking, and Tang Sheng was eliminated.

Liu Zhengkun glanced at Meng Dong on the side, and smiled, “Brother Meng, don’t be too sad. After all, Tang Sheng’s level is really close. Fortunately, this crisis has been resolved, and there is still a chance for the next session! “

Meng East Liuzheng Kun angry white one, He is tightlipped began,” Liu man, you do not be sad, but for a sudden out of this thing, all of the limelight today are all the team you Lein

Yes .” Liu Zhengkun couldn’t laugh when he heard it.

But isn’t it? If according to the original plan, they bought Lin Yan and ensured that the game was foolproof, then Lei Yin should be eye-catching at the moment.

But now, even if he broke the record and took a second place, it was completely overshadowed by Lin Yan’s limelight. It was really painful!