Chapter 1443 My husband and my son

Chapter 1443 My husband and my son are

in the VIP box at the same time.

Vice President Ives and a chubby foreign man are standing in front of the French windows looking at the stadium outside.

Ives glanced at Lin Yan’s results on the big screen and smiled leisurely: “Willie, you should rest assured now, after all, Yeva has been away from the field for so long, and has not reached the peak level at all.

Although he took it. First, but at this speed, there is no way to compare with her peak period. At this level, there is only to be abused in the peak game, and there is no need for us to do anything…”

“How do you know that she is not deliberately hiding her strength? “The man said in a deep voice.

Ives smiled, “Willie, have dealt with so many times, have you ever seen Yeva hide his strength? With her arrogant temperament, it is impossible to do this kind of thing.”


Lin who is presenting awards on the field Yan sneezed twice in a row inexplicably.

What’s the matter?

Who is talking about her behind?

After the awards were over, Lin Yan was walking down the court when someone suddenly ran into him rudely.

Lin Yan raised his eyebrows slightly when he saw the incoming person, “Captain Tang?”

Tang Sheng’s expression was extremely ugly, and he stared at her with cracked eyes: “I thought you had a bit of strength, but it turned out to be nothing more than that!”

Tang Sheng seemed to be. I have to continue to say something, but soon he was dragged away by the team manager behind him.

“Ahem, Miss Lin, I’m sorry, he lost the game, so he is not in a good mood, don’t be familiar with him…”

Lin Yan looked inexplicable.

“Hello~Beauty! Wait for me!” Carl, who was in third place, happily caught up with the third place trophy.

“Beauty, I didn’t expect to meet again! I prayed to God that the second league in the world would not meet you. God heard my prayer. However, I didn’t expect the first league to hit me! Beauty, you can keep one. Phone call?”

Lin Yan: “…”

How can this guy stay in his shadow.

After being abused by her in the third league, she has been trying to find her, but she ignored it and did not expect to meet on the podium of the first league.

Lin Yan smiled politely, “Sorry, I’m in a hurry, my husband and my son are waiting for me to go back to celebrate.”

Carl: “…?!”

Husband! son? ? ?

Finally dismissed Karl, Lin Yan returned to the court.

All members of the Aurora team immediately gathered around and cheered happily.

“Long live Sister Yan!”

“Captain Niu! Niu! That’s amazing!”

Lin Yan chatted with the players for a while, and then called Mo Shuyun aside.

Lin Yan: “Let’s talk about it.”

Mo Shuyun: “Ah? What do you say? Congratulations to the goddess for winning the championship?”

Lin Yan: “What did you leave before the game?”

Mo Shuyun suddenly looked guilty when he heard it. , Did Lin Yan discover what was threatened by those two bosses.

“Uh, no…nothing…” Mo Shuyun was a little afraid to say.

Lin Yan gave Mo Shuyun a white look, arms crossed his chest, and angrily said: “Did you buy Thunder and Speed of Light and let them lose to me on purpose? Do you think I need to be let go???”

Mo Shuyun I was stunned by Lin Yan and was shocked on the spot: “Goddess! You…what are you talking about! I bought thunder and the speed of light? Where can I get so much money! How could I have such a great skill! Goddess, you You look down on me too much!”

Lin smoke looked like Mo Yun book, not a liar, “Are you sure you did not? When the match Ling Yang and Tang wins like how deliberately let me?”

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