Chapter 1444 My background is harder

Chapter 1444 backstage harder I mean

Mo Yun book almost cried, “? Ah they are out to get you?”

Lin smoke: “Although I do not need, but their level of speed should be even faster fishes. “

Lin Yan is almost dying of anger. Originally, she planned to control her ranking in second and third this time, but she was forced to take first place?

Mo Shuyun scratched his head with a confused look: “This is not right…what kind of plot development is this?”

Lin Yan asked, “So, what did you leave before the game?” It

‘s about time, Mo Shuyun. I can only tell the truth, and quickly explained: “I left suddenly before the race because Boss Liu, sponsor of Leiyin Racing Team, and Boss Meng, sponsor of Lightspeed Racing Team, suddenly called me over. They both threatened and lured them and wanted to buy you. Lost to them deliberately!

But…but I understand that your temperament will definitely not agree, so I refused decisively! I have never said it because I was afraid of affecting your game!”

Lin Yan was stunned when he heard what Mo Shuyun said. , “Are you sure? Then why did it become Thunder and Light Speed ​​in the end that made me?”

Mo Shuyun: “This…how do I know…the two big guys are fierce. If I don’t agree, I have to I was so scared to ban our team. I was worried and didn’t know what to do!”

Mo Shuyun was talking, and the phone rang, “Uh, it’s Meng Dong.”

Lin Yan said, “Take it. “

Mo Shuyun answered the phone, said a few words, and then looked at Lin Yan: “It is Meng Dong and Liu Zhengkun who want to invite you over, and their tone of voice…it’s kind of polite. I don’t know what medicine is selling in the gourd… …”

Lin Yan: “Let’s go then, I’ll know if we go and see it.”

VIP box.

Lin Yan and Mo Shuyun knocked on the door and walked in.

As soon as they saw Lin Yan, Meng Dong and Liu Zhengkun stood up at the same time.

Meng Dong: “Miss Lin is here, please sit down!”

Liu Zhengkun: “Congratulations to Miss Lin for winning the championship, it’s really awesome!”

Lin Yan and Mo Shuyun looked at each other, both of them were puzzled.

These two bosses didn’t seem to be asking for trouble, but they seemed to be close to each other.

Lin Yan glanced at the two of them, but didn’t make a roundabout way: “Before the game, the two threatened Captain Mo and forced me to lose to Ling Yang and Tang Sheng. What do you mean by this now?”

Meng Dong scared You have to wave your hand quickly: “Miss Lin, Captain Mo, we had some misunderstandings before, and there are many offenses, please don’t take it to heart.”

Liu Zhengkun: “Yes, yeah! Everyone is Chinese, so no matter which team it is, It’s a good thing to get results!”

Mo Shuyun was stunned when he heard it, almost wondering if his memory was messed up.

Just a few hours ago, they were not in this attitude.

Meng East rubbed his hands, “Miss Lin, really is a misunderstanding, the trouble with my regards total Pei, Pei also explain the overall look.”

Liuzheng Kun echoed again and again: “yes ah yes ah ……”

a “total Pei” All of Lin Yan’s confusion was immediately solved.

Dare to love is that these two guys initially planned to use their power to prepare for intimidation and temptation, but found out halfway through the relationship between her and Pei Yucheng, so they turned around and changed their strategy.

This is really… dramatic.

Lin Yan didn’t know what to say

After leaving the box.

Mo Shuyun still had a dazed look, “Goddess, what is going on?”

Lin Yan rolled his eyes and said, “Don’t you understand? The two goods originally wanted to use force to suppress people, but I didn’t expect it. Suppressed!”

Mo Shuyun: “Suppressed? What do you mean?”

Lin Yan: “I mean harder backstage.”

Mo Shuyun: “……???”

Lin Yan: “In short, you don’t have to worry about this matter. They won’t trouble us in the future, so just concentrate on preparing for the game. Good.”