Chapter 1445 How are you so cute

Chapter 1445 Why Are You So Cute?

Lin Yan asked Mo Shuyun to arrange the celebration banquet tomorrow, and she will go back to accompany her boyfriend tonight.

On the way to find Pei Yucheng in the past, Lin Yan had been thinking about one thing.

No one knows the relationship between her and Pei Yucheng, how did this President Liu and President Meng discover?

It’s really puzzling.

Could it be that Pei Yutang’s big mouth missed it?



Lin Yan was thinking, and as soon as he looked up, he saw the two little babies leaping towards him.

Immediately afterwards, she saw a “Lin” on Xiaoli’s face, and a “smoke” on

Gangan’s face . Pei Yucheng, Pei Nanxu, and Pei Yutang were all holding a small eye-catching flag in their hands. , With the logos of Lin Yan and Jiguang Motorsport written on it.

Pei Yucheng is wearing a simple casual outfit today, and his jade-like figure stands a few steps away from her.

A light smile hung on the man’s lips, and when the eyes behind the lens looked at her, it was like the glacial water flowing slowly on the top of a snow-capped mountain under the shining of the sun, with the tenderness of drowning people.

And on the man’s beautiful face, like a god, she used colorful oil… to write her name…

Lin Yan: “…!!!”

She racked her brains to think about the relationship between her and Pei Yucheng How did it reveal!

Never thought that Pei Yucheng had written it on his face?

Lin Yan’s heart throbbed, and the sound reverberated in his chest, making a huge noise.

This man… is too good at teasing!

“Ahem…” Lin Yan hurriedly recovered, looking at the cheerleader in front of him dumbfounded, “Where did you get these?”

“You gave it to a fan.” Pei Yucheng said.

Pei Yutang shook the small flag and said with a smile: “It’s Qi Shaoyuan, he gave us the rest!”

Pei Yucheng’s eyes filled with a sultry smile, “This time I didn’t think about it well, the next time I will Prepare in advance.”

Lin Yan didn’t expect Pei Yucheng to say so seriously that he wanted to prepare these things. He stroked his forehead and couldn’t laugh or cry.

The man’s satiny eyebrows and star-spotted smile seemed to soften her whole world…

Lin Yan reached out her hand and touched the man’s face. When she reacted, she had already kissed the man’s lips: “Honey, Why are you so cute!”

Pei Yucheng’s figure stagnated, and in the next second, the warm color under his eyes instantly burned like a burning flame.

Pei Yutang wailed in an instant: “Sister-in-law! Do not bring such dog abusers! Do you want me to move the Civil Affairs Bureau over to you!” Yunjian

Water Village.

Pei Nanxu, who was on the side, also coughed lightly. I didn’t expect to see such a vivid expression on his elder brother one day.

But Pei Gan and Pei Li’s eyes widened, and they thought of what Pei Yucheng said to them that night.

The son is expensive by the father… I

didn’t expect that after my mother lost her memory, she would actually like this man so much.

Pei Li touched her little face: “Sister, I have it too!”

Pei Gan hurriedly followed: “Mom, I have it too! I am cute too!”

Lin Yan squatted down and hugged the two little guys separately: “Okay. Good, all cute! Thank you for coming to cheer me up, my babies! I am so happy today!”

In order to celebrate Lin Yan’s victory, Pei Yutang and Pei Nanxu also stayed, and we all had dinner and celebrated.

Lin Yan also called Wang Jingyang, “Hey, Gouzi, are you free tonight? Come over and eat together! Call Baihe!”