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Chapter 2 Asking Prince Wang for advice

The atmosphere was completely quiet, everyone was dumbfounded!

“Seeing Weizhi, Wang Gongzi’s research on agriculture is so profound!” The

stormy sea turned up in the heart of Lao Fang, and was deeply impressed by Wang Yuan’s talent!

Lao Li’s eyes lightened even more, and his breathing was solemn!

The issue of agriculture is about the ten thousand years of China’s land. This young man can actually grasp it so clearly!

Compared with him, those people in the court are simply eating dry food!

They didn’t notice such an important situation!

At this moment, they all convinced Wang Yuan.

“Huh? What’s so great about this, just common sense.” Wang Yuan disapproved, and yawned slightly.

Uncle Ming on the side said in horror: “Then Master Wang, is our Lantian County going to be affected?”

Although this year’s locust plague did not reach Lantian County, he heard that the locust plague caused countless fertile fields in several surrounding states and counties. .

There are even rumors that the tragedy of “Yi Zi Xiang Si” occurred.

If next year’s locust plague is more terrifying, what should we do?

“Don’t worry about this.” Wang Yuan shook his head again and said with a smile:

“As long as you ask Aunt Liang and Uncle He and the others to raise the more than one hundred ducks, there will be no problem.”

“And your Majesty and Datang’s ministers are very human. A wise martial artist, knowledgeable and talented, how can they not see the problem? They must have had a countermeasure already.”

Wang Yuan comforted, and Uncle Ming immediately reacted and nodded: “What the Prince said is that the Sage must have a countermeasure!”

The people of Datang respect the emperor very much and have blind trust!

Upon seeing this, both Lao Li and Lao Fang were very worried, and the old face was slightly red, and it was rare to be embarrassed.


Your majesty and the officials have a ghost countermeasure!

They also just learned about this big problem!

Not long ago, they were still discussing whether to issue an edict to pray for God’s forgiveness.

Now it seems that the good insurance hasn’t been issued yet, otherwise it will really be a joke!

The emperor has just issued a sin against himself, but next year there will be a more severe locust plague?

Datang’s face can definitely be lost!

“Don’t talk about it, I would like to invite you to have a good meal today!”

Wang Yuan hummed a small song and led the three into the mansion.

After returning, Wang Yuan first ordered Uncle Ming to take three hundred catties of refined salt from the warehouse and distribute it to the people to melt snow.

Uncle Ming’s hands were trembling, but he could only take his orders.

Together with Lao Li and Lao Fang, it was also a pain.

Only Wang Yuan hummed a small tune and directly made people put up a hot pot, not caring about the wealth left by his cheap father in this life.

If the big copper pot is erected, the mouth is fully open, and the clear soup is being boiled, and a hole is cut out on the table underneath, and there is a burning charcoal fire below.

Wang Yuan also designed an opening and closing on the table to control the charcoal fire and let people put a variety of fresh vegetables.

If it weren’t for the Tang Dynasty’s strict control of cattle, Wang Yuan would have wanted to kill a cow to cook beef.

“Come on! It’s hard for you to accompany me out to the cold today, now I invite you to have a meal!” Wang Yuan was very happy.

Eating is the happiest time of his day.

If eating is not active, there must be problems in thinking!

Even though he was worried, Lao Li was slightly surprised: “Prince Wang, what is this?” Lao

Fang approached with a curious look.

They are all well-informed, and they have tried even Turkic food, but they have never seen this way of eating.

“This is called hot pot. Don’t say anything. You’re done.

Wang Yuan chuckled, picked up a slice of thinly sliced lamb, and started to shave it.

At first, both Lao Li and Lao Fang couldn’t let it go, but it didn’t take long. Just like Wang Yuan, they gorged themselves and even grabbed each other’s food.

The lamb slices cooked for a few seconds are not only smooth, but also very tender and rich in juice. You

can feel the thickness with a slight taste. It’s warm and makes people linger.

“So comfortable, Prince Wang, this way of eating is really amazing! “

After a long, talk of the town a look of enjoyment:” Turks of lamb I’ve ever had, but it was the first time that so delicious. “

Yes!” “Lao Fang also had a full hiccup, enjoying it very much.

“Just like it!” “

Wang Yuan chuckled and let people clear the table.

As the eldest master, it would be better to have someone serve this.

“Prince Wang, I would take the liberty to ask a question.” “

After fullness, talk of the town look dignified, look to the king away.

” This has nothing ventured, and have any questions, you can feel free to ask. “Wang Yuan picked his teeth and didn’t care.

“For next year’s locust plague, does Prince Wang have a solution?” “Lao Li

went straight in, clenching his fists slightly. Lao Fang also sat up straight, with a serious expression.

This is a real big event!

The prince who has shaped Lantian County into a paradise, will he have a countermeasure?

“Of course there is. , But do you need to be so serious? “

Seeing the two of them waiting in such a tight array, Wang Yuan was puzzled: “And you are not from the court, what can you do if you know it?” “

“Don’t worry about this, the emperor must have thought of the method I can think of long ago, and it is more thoughtful.” According to

reason, this kind of big thing is not worrying about them, right?

“This…” Old Li was speechless for a while.

At this time, Lao Fang blushed and said: “We know that the emperor will have countermeasures, but we just want to know some in advance.”

“Prince Wang, you can satisfy our curiosity.”

Lao Li also reacted, blushing. Asked: “Yes, please let Prince Wang satisfy our curiosity.”

“So that’s it.”

Seeing that the two are so curious and in a good mood, Wang Yuan was also happy to talk: “Okay, then I will tell you. Right.”

“But don’t spread it indiscriminately!”

“Actually, the solution to the locust plague is also very simple. There are two.”

“The first is to transfer the contradiction.”

“The second is to kill the chickens.”

Datang Shengshi, Kaiyuanjin Liu, open the way, so Wang Yuan is also happy to discuss the affairs of the court.

Transfer contradictions?

Killing chickens and monkeys?

Hearing these two words, both Lao Li and Lao Fang were taken aback, and some of them couldn’t react. Lao

Fang asked, “Prince Prince, how can I shift the contradiction?”

The old Li on the side became more serious.

“! Of course it is war,”

Wang Yuan side to pick up the maid of tea, sip a little tea, look at the face of increasingly sluggish two, smiles:

“! Borrow external pressures to shift the internal contradictions”

“You do not Do you think our current territory of Datang is a bit small?”

Datang’s current territory is a bit small?

Hearing this, both Lao Li and Lao Fang’s expressions were shocked, they were shocked and hot!

They understood the meaning of Wang Yuan’s words almost instantly!

At this moment,

Lao Fang’s voice was trembling: “Wang Gongzi means…to launch a war against the Turks?” Lao Li did not speak, but clenched his fists!

This is a big deal!

“Haha! Lao Fang, you are right!”

Wang Yuan was very satisfied with the reaction of the two of them. He immediately stood up, picked up the rice paper and writing brush from the bookshelf on the side, and started to write!

“We are in the Central Plains. Although we have suffered a cold disaster, the cold disaster in the northwest grassland must be above us!”

“Now, isn’t it the best opportunity to launch a war of annihilation against the Turks in the northern grassland?”

“Since Zhenguan Yuan Since 2000, I have been accumulating strength in Datang. Although we have encountered locust plagues and snow disasters, there is definitely surplus food in Guanzhong!”

“Unlike Turks, their custom is to deposit snow to protect pastures.”

“This practice has been in the past. There is no problem, but they would never expect that this snow will not stop this year!”

“And this is their Achilles heel!” With

essays, Wang Yuan quickly drew the Tang and neighbors on the rice paper. The territory map of the country!

Although the territory map is only a rough outline, every important point is marked, and the points are not bad. It can be called a drawing!

With this hand alone, the two people watching were breathing dignified, and their hearts turned up against the stormy sea!

Especially Lao Li, he used to be a military god when he was young, and his sword pointed in all directions. He almost traveled all over the country.

But he asked himself, it is impossible to draw such an accurate topographic map in a short time!

This is no longer a genius, but a god-man!

“As long as the Tang Dynasty launches a war, the Turks can be broken within ten days!”

Wang Yuan chuckled lightly, then dipped his brush with water to completely erase the border between the Tang and Turks!

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