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Chapter 4 Border Report!

Gods in the world!

Hearing Fang Xuanling’s comment, Li Shimin did not deny it, but silently nodded.

Because he thinks so too.

This young man named Wang Yuan has really terrifying knowledge.

This time, he did not come wrong.

The reason why Li Shimin came to Lantian County and would go to Wang Yuan’s current people was because he heard of Lantian County’s reputation as a paradise and wanted to personally inspect it.

After learning that Wang Yuan is the maker of everything, he took the opportunity to approach.

Moreover, for the sake of confidentiality, he didn’t even notify Bai Qisi, but just pulled Fang Xuanling who had just met with him and arrived.

Regarding the fact that Li Shimin’s deity would become his own subordinate, Wang Yuan was completely unaware of it, or in other words, he had never thought of such a possibility.

This situation is really too magical.

“Lao Fang, you have been with me for a few years. How reliable do you think Prince Wang said just now?”

Li Shimin asked again and ordered the carriage to be prepared. The gray-robed man immediately took his orders and left.

Fang Xuanling hesitated: “Your Majesty, the minister really doesn’t know.”

“But it should be…” The

words stopped here.

After all, he himself is a member of the family, so he dare not express his opinion easily.

He can prove his innocence, but he cannot prove the innocence of his younger generation.

As for launching a war against Turks, it is even more of the most important, affecting the national destiny of the Tang Dynasty!

“I understand.” Li Shimin nodded, and the two got on the carriage and hurried back to Chang’an City.

Approaching dusk, the carriage entered Chang’an City and returned directly to the palace.

As soon as he arrived at the palace, Li Shimin immediately opened the kit, very urgent.

For this kit, he was curious all the way.

There was a piece of paper inside. Looking at the content on it, Li Shimin was taken aback for a moment, and then burst into laughter.

long time!

It has been a long time since he became so happy.

The prince is really a god-man in the world!

Immediately, he immediately ordered.

“We will send scouts to investigate the Northwest Grassland under my order!”

“Move all the beacon towers and post stations, and cooperate with all your strength!”

“You must speed up your whip. It doesn’t matter how many horses you run to death. I must know the disaster situation of the Northwest Grassland! “The

order was extremely severe. Just after it was issued, the entire imperial city trembled, and countless guards immediately took their orders. The forbidden army went out of the city overnight, not daring to stay at all!

The original Weishui alliance is vivid, and Li Shimin really doesn’t want to bear it anymore.

Upon hearing the news, the ruling and the public were speculating about Li Shimin’s intentions,

and Fang Xuanling understood the meaning instantly , and hurriedly rushed to see him: “Your Majesty, Datang really can’t start a war

right now !” “The people are all in the disaster now. The war is to repeat the past!” The

Sui Dynasty’s national power declined because of the great construction of civil engineering and the three conquests of Goguryeo.

Li Shimin’s behavior now is almost exactly the same as that of Emperor Sui Yang!

This is a sign of national subjugation!

“Haha! Lao

Fang, don’t worry, I thought it very clearly.” Li Shimin laughed and handed the kit to Fang Xuanling: “Lao Fang, look at its contents.”

“This is the king’s kit! “

Fang Xuanling was shocked again. Although he had a high regard for Prince Wang, he did not think that the latter could solve the food problem.

Even if Wang Yuan is right, there is still a lot of food, but they are all in the hands of the family!

Li Shimin has no basis and no evidence, forcing them to take it out will definitely damage their prestige, and those aristocratic families will resist to death.

There is no evidence on one side, and the other side refuses to admit it to death. After some entanglement, it will only be endless wrangling!

Regarding this situation, does Prince Wang really solve it?

With a sense of anxiety , Fang Xuanling opened the kit, and just glanced at it, and his expression was completely dull.

“Conquest for food from the major families, set up a monument of merit, set up the Chang’an city, and rank and record the amount of donated food from each family.” With

just a simple sentence, Fang Xuanling’s palm trembled slightly, his mind buzzed, almost Drop the kit.

This trick is too cruel!

Trees live a skin, people live a face!

Wang Yuan’s strategy is completely aimed at the weakness of the family!

If those aristocratic families don’t comply, or donate less, their names will always be engraved at the bottom of the merit tablet!

The common people may not admire the first, but they will definitely abandon the last one!

Wang Yuan’s strategy is nothing short of a draw!

Worthy of being a god-man in the world!

At this moment, Fang Xuanling was completely convinced by Wang Yuan!

“Now, we just need to wait for the news!” Li Shimin sat down again, his eyes hot:

“As long as the situation in the northwest grassland is true, then this battle will be inevitable!”

Li Shimin’s eyes were sharp, Fang Xuanling was also affected, and he was shaking with excitement. !

They have waited for this opportunity for too long!

Time passed slowly, one day, two days, three days, eight days later.

tread! tread!

Chang’an City, in front of Jing Yao Gate, a fast horse rushed!

Not close, the sergeant would immediately raised their hands prayer flag, shouted: “Border telegraph, speed gates open without delay a half minutes!”

Frontier telegraph!

The many forbidden troops on the city gate were all shocked when they saw this, and quickly dispersed the people in front of the city gate.


Kuaima didn’t stop, quickly passed through the city gate and headed straight to the imperial city, riding a great ride!

At this time, Li Shimin was thinking deeply in the imperial study room.

He had been waiting for eight days, but still no news came.

Beside him was Fang Xuanling, Liang Guogong, who was also anxious.

He is also waiting for news.

Because the matter was too involved, no one except him knew that Datang was going to mobilize troops against the Turks.

Not even the merit monument was erected, everything was just secretly prepared.

“Lao Fang, do you think someone really can see the micro-knowledge like this?”

“He can know the general situation of the world just in a small county.”

Li Shimin sighed, and the long wait made him lack confidence in Wang Yuan’s speculation.

“Your Majesty, it’s not time to deny the Prince.”

Fang Xuanling shook her head and said solemnly: “The result is only these two days. We are not short of this time.”


Li Shimin just nodded, and the message was passed outside the palace. There is a rush!

“Your Majesty, an emergency report!” An

emergency report!

Li Shimin slapped the table, stood up, rushed to the outside of the study, Fang Xuanling quickly followed.

Outside, it was a horrified sergeant with bloodshot eyes and panting.

“Border emergency report!” The

sergeant panted violently, knelt down on both knees while holding a bamboo tube in both hands, and presented it to Li Shimin.

Li Shimin took it quickly and waved his hand to let the eunuch take the sergeant down to rest.

When you open the bamboo slip, it is a small piece of text.

Li Shimin only glanced briefly, shaking his hands, and handed it to Fang Xuanling.

Fang Xuanling took the reading and was equally shocked.

“The northwestern grassland is covered with ice and charcoal. For several months, the Turkic Jieli has killed more than 100,000 cattle and sheep, and it is in a mess.”

“The cold weather is freezing, the roads are blocked, humans and animals cannot pass, the herders are trapped, they have no food, and they can only exchange children. And eat.”

Fang Xuanling became more frightened as she read.

The Turkic leader actually changed the child and eaten!

“What Prince Wang said is true!” Fang Xuanling was shocked.

“Let’s pass on the order and make a monument of merit!”

Li Shimin made a decisive decision, and then looked at Fang Xuanling:

“Old Fang , let’s go to Lantian County again!”

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