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Chapter 5 You want to know why, right?

Li Shimin’s expression is very solemn.


Fang Xuanling took the order immediately and hurried back to prepare.

Everything now is developing as Wang Yuan said, and he is eager to see Wang Yuan again.

This young man is too mysterious, even a little fascinating!

Li Shimin was even more impatient, changed into a commoner, and set off in a carriage.

He planned to connect Fang Xuanling on the road again, not willing to delay any time.

It didn’t take long for the carriage to arrive at Liang Guogong’s mansion, and Fang Xuanlin had already been waiting.

But Fang Xuanling had just gotten into the carriage, and a serious middle-aged man appeared in front of the carriage.

“Your Majesty, the early dynasty has just ended, where are you going to go?” The

middle-aged man is Shang Shu Zuo Cheng Wei Zheng, his face is serious and selfless:

“As an emperor, you should set an example and deal with memorials, not covetous and enjoyable.

Wei Zheng was originally seeing the snow disaster getting worse and worse. He wanted to visit Fang Xuanling. He planned to face the saint with him and once again asked His Majesty to issue an edict.

Unexpectedly, as soon as he arrived at Liang Guogong’s mansion, he saw Li Shimin wanting to visit with a micro server, and even hooked up with the old house.

What kind of situation is this?

Instinctively, Wei Zheng felt that there would be no good for them to get together.

“Why did you meet this guy!”

On the carriage, Li Shimin also had a headache.

He Li Shimin had been fighting for half his life and had never been afraid of anyone, but he was really helpless with Wei Zheng.

In order to maintain his image as an enlightened monarch, he could neither punish nor scold Wei Zheng.

Even though many of Wei Zheng’s opinions were correct, Li Shimin still held back the fire!

Upon seeing this, Fang Xuanling, who knew that the situation was serious, blinked and chuckled at Wei Zheng:

“Wei Shangshu, Your Majesty and I have important things to do now. If we have anything, we will talk about it when we come back.”

“Yes, I There are important things to do!”

Li Shimin also nodded, and then let the carriage set off again, not giving Wei Zheng a chance to ask further questions.


The carriage accelerated and the dust flew up, directly bypassing Wei Zheng.

The latter stood still, not chasing, but frowned.

Important matter?

What is more important than handling the memorial?

“No, I want to go back and write a memorial, and take a good part in it!”

“This bad habit of your majesty can’t be kept!”

Wei Zheng thought on his mind, made up his mind, and hurried back to write the memorial.


On the other hand, Fang Xuanling and Li Shimin, who had just gotten rid of Wei Zheng, rushed to Lantian County at full speed.

Compared to Wei Zheng’s possible future difficulties, they wanted to see Wang Yuan again.

The trouble in the future,

let’s talk about it in the future, the two rushed in like this and didn’t get off the carriage until outside Lantian County.

“Go down, keep hiding!”

Li Shimin let the carriage hide, and then walked into Lantian County with Fang Xuanling.


“Lao Li, you finally came back from the old house!?”

“If it weren’t for the salary, I thought you had run away.”

As soon as the two walked into Lantian County, Wang Yuan’s voice sounded.

Li Shimin and Fang Xuanlin were taken aback, and then they saw Wang Yuan who was weaving the basket by the door of the straw hut beside them.

Wang Yuan was shaking his hand to them at this time, and said loudly:

“It was just right when you came back, hurry up and help, there are five baskets to make up.”

“Prince Wang, what’s the situation?”

Li Shiming and Fang Xuanling both A little confused, weaving baskets in the snow.

It feels strange no matter how you think about it!

You deserve to be Prince Wang, who can easily subvert their perceptions!

Prince Prince , if you encounter any changes, I still have some savings…” Lao Li said tentatively, if Wang Yuan really encountered any accidents , The family way fell, he planned to let Wang Yuan enter the court as an official.

Although there may be people dissatisfied, with his status, apart from Wei Zheng’s iron mind, no one will really stand up against it.

The most important thing is that Wang Yuan does have this ability.

“I’m really drunk.”

“Lao Li, we haven’t seen each other for so long, and you cursed me for bankruptcy in the first sentence of our meeting?”

Wang Yuan’s face was stiff, and he wanted to throw his middle basket on the latter’s forehead.

Can’t these people say something nice?

“This…” Lao Li was a little embarrassed, and Lao Fang immediately took over the conversation:

“The prince puts his anger down, aren’t we surprised at you suddenly weaving a basket?”

“Yes! I just said the wrong thing. I hope Prince Haihan.” Lao Li also knew it was wrong, and quickly admitted his mistake.

“Really, what’s the surprise of this?” Wang Yuan’s anger disappeared when he saw this.

“Aunt Chen’s basket is broken next door, and she has inconvenience with her legs and feet, so I will help her weave the basket.”

“And my servants are in the mansion. If the snowy weather doesn’t come out, I can only do it myself.”

Wang Yuan said. , Look inside the house.

The two looked, and immediately saw the apologetic old woman in the back room, and they were relieved.

The old woman explained a few words, so Lao Li and Lao Fang sat beside Wang Yuan and accompany him to weave the basket together.

The Tang Emperor and Liang Guogong sat in front of the door like this, facing Feixue, weaving baskets.

The two of them didn’t know how to prepare, but fortunately, with the guidance of Wang Yuan and the old woman, they could barely work, and staggered to start the preparation.

Although the combined speed of the two is not half that of Wang Yuan, it is better than nothing.

“Prince Prince, do you know what we saw when we were setting up relatives and friends?” Outside of work, Lao Li took the opportunity to say:

“In Chang’an City, a monument of merit has been prepared. Every family is shocked when they hear the news!”

On the way here, he also learned about the merit monument through the guards.

Although the merit monument has not yet been erected, the families who were the first to know the information are beginning to feel anxious, and they have written letters to see themselves.

It’s just that they never expected that the Majesty they were anxious to see would actually be here, weaving a basket against Feixue.

Sometimes reality is like this, even more magical than imagined. Lao Fang

also boasted: “Yes! Prince Wang is really good about things.”

“What’s so strange about this?”

At this time, Wang Yuan had just prepared a basket, picked up the jar on one side, and took a sip of hot water. He smiled and said:

“I also know that His Majesty has sent people to the northwest grassland, and has investigated the situation there, and is ready to fight the Turkic!”

“The war against the Turks will definitely break out within one month.”

After saying that, Wang Yuan put down the jar and continued to weave, very leisurely, as if nothing had happened.

On the other side, Lao Li and Lao Fang’s weaving movements suddenly stopped, and they swallowed silently, showing shock.

Within a month, war will break out?

They obviously hadn’t said anything yet, and Wang Yuan not only knew that Li Shimin had sent people to investigate the northwestern grasslands, but he also dared to assert that war would break out within a month!

Especially Li Shimin was extremely surprised.

After learning about the situation in the northwestern grasslands, he did have such an idea and launched a vengeance war against the East Turks a month later.

But he just had this idea, only he knew it, and he hadn’t had time to tell others.

And now, Wang Yuan actually guessed it!

This is ridiculous!

Although Lao Fang didn’t know the details, he looked at Lao Li’s eyes and instantly understood that Wang Yuan was right.

Your Majesty does have this idea!

Prince, what kind of monster is he!

The heart of the old house is shaking!

The two glanced at each other, sweating on their foreheads, and at the same time looking at Wang Yuan. As soon as he wanted to say something, Wang Yuan turned his head and smiled lightly:

“You want to know why, right?”

Lao Li, Lao Fang:” ……”

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