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I’m Such a Woman Chapter 1

September was a good harvest season, but Jingtinghou hid in the study and smashed several pieces of porcelain. He kept cursing and cursing. He didn’t look like Lord Hou, but more like a hooligan.

“In the realm of Beijing, dare to offend Ban Huai, I will kill him!”

“Father, don’t be angry, my son will go out and find someone to beat him up.”

“You ask someone to beat him, I’ll ask the emperor to clean him up!”

“Is there enough trouble?” The Yin family kicked open the study door, looked at the gearing father and son, and sternly reprimanded, “You still think the words outside are not unpleasant enough?”

Jingting Hou and his son were all silent, Jingting Hou retracted the leg that was on the chair, and Jingting Hou Shizi Ban Heng rolled down his sleeve.

In September, Yin had to fan a fan to barely calm the anger in her heart. She didn’t even look at the broken tiles on the ground, went straight to the chair and sat down, followed by the maids who came in behind her. He picked it up hurriedly.

The sound of the smashing of the tiles made her feel more angry. She glared at the father and son, slapped her bare hand, and the tea cup on the table jumped.

“It’s just something that came out of a small country. It was admitted to the imperial examination to say that he was going to divorce, and he also put on a posture that he had to do it when I was forced to marry him. What is it?!”

“Mother, mother,” Ban Heng approached the Yin family and said with a smiling face, “Don’t be angry, three-legged toads are hard to find in the world. Two-legged men are everywhere. We have to clean him up. , It’s just a matter of moving your mouth, don’t make you angry.”

“I don’t want to be angry, but what are you looking at?”

Any daughter whose mother is on the cusp of her heart has been retired three times, and her heart cannot be relaxed.

She has only one son and one daughter. Although Lord Hou is absurd and lazy, but he is not a lustful person, there is no concubine in the house, but he can get this advantage.

When her daughter was born, she booked a baby kiss with a close friend, but she didn’t know that when the child was three years old, she suffered a smallpox death.

When the daughter was thirteen years old, she married Xie Qilin, the second son of Zhongping Bofu, but she didn’t know she was leaving the pavilion. Xie Qilin suddenly found “True Love” and eloped with “True Love”. It was spreading outside, that her girl was a mess, she couldn’t even compare to a maid. Otherwise, why would the son of the dignified uncle’s man elope with a woman who can’t be on the stage rather than marry her?

Later, even though Xie Qilin was found back, the marriage between the two families fell into disrepair. Since then, the two families have stopped contacting each other and almost never became enemies.

This time, the incident is even more absurd. This Shen Yu is a partial branch of the Shen family in Dongzhou, barely regarded as a prominent local family. After coming to Beijing, he fell in love with their girl at first sight, crying and begging to propose marriage with his family seven or eight times. As soon as he agreed, he turned back.

When we divorced, she said on the surface that she was not worthy of their family, but inside, she disliked her because the girl was beautiful and thoughtless, extravagant and lazy, not a good match.

Why didn’t you say that when you were not admitted to Tanhua? At the moment, I dislike her girl’s extravagance. They have money in Jingting Hou Mansion and are willing to let their girls be extravagant. !

The three people in this class are too much to eat, but the divorced master over there is still sleeping soundly.

Ban Hua was dreaming. The dream was very long. When she woke up, she couldn’t tell whether it was a reality or a dream. When she sat up and saw the pearl curtain hanging outside, she was shocked. She was dreaming just now.

By the way, what did she dream of just now?

It seems that she was divorced again, who became the emperor, her father offended the new emperor, was cut off the title, and then their family lived a miserable life.

Oh my God, you can’t compare jewelry with people. How terrible is the time to compare Chinese clothes?

Can’t see those people scolding her behind their backs, but on the surface they have to respect her aggrieved appearance, how boring is this life?

This dream is so unlucky, she should forget it sooner.

“Country prince,” the maid walked in weeping, wiping her tears, “Shen Tanhua actually came to divorce.”

Ban Hua’s soft waist straightened up suddenly: “Retire?”

It’s over, the nightmare has come true!

Her father is not Jingtinghou, then her younger brother is not the elder son, and she is no longer the current prince of her majesty. How will she eat, drink, play, play horses, walk the dogs and admire flowers in the future?

Life is too short. Does she have only a few years of enjoyment time?

She didn’t remember much about the other dreams, but she remembered clearly how miserable she was when she was not a villager. Thinking of this, she suddenly felt sad, put on her shoes and clothes, and ran to the main courtyard.

“Municipal, your hair!”

Fortunately, the servants of Jingting Hou’s Mansion are strict, otherwise, by tomorrow, the hot spot in the capital will become “Jingting Hou’s prostitute is mad because of her divorce, and her clothes are running wildly at home.”

In fact, this was Jingtinghou’s first thought after seeing her daughter.

“My dear girl,” Jing Ting Hou saw her daughter with a disheveled hair and disheveled appearance in the study, and burst into tears. “My dear girl, let’s not marry anymore. Tomorrow Dad will buy a dozen cheeks. Wennengwu is good, choose which one you like.”

No man in the world is a good thing, which made his daughter like this.

At this time, Jing Tinghou had already thrown himself out of the man’s scope.

Ban Heng glanced at his sister enviously. He didn’t even have a girl in the room, and he didn’t see anyone giving him one. It’s also a matter of elegance that the night is quiet and red-sleeved.

“Don’t even think about it,” Yin’s slanted eyes glared at his son, “You will stay home and study for me.”

“I, I didn’t think about anything.” Ban Heng felt that he was wronged. He obviously didn’t do anything, so his mother was talking about him.

“You were born in my stomach. As soon as your eyeballs turn, I know what you want to do.” Yin saw her daughter look like this, her heart softened by half, and she wanted to tear Shen Yu with her hands. But she was worried that her emotions would affect her daughter, so she had to persuade her with good words.

“Although your father said just now, but…” Yin patted his daughter’s back, and noticed that she was trembling constantly, and said softly, “There are many good men in the world, even if you can’t find them. It doesn’t matter, the family shop in Zhuangzi has your share of the land. You have money and status, what are you afraid of.”

Ban Hua rubbed against Yin, and whispered: “I am not sad because of the person who retired, but because I had a strange dream, I was a little scared.”

“What did you dream of?” Yin secretly breathed a sigh of relief when she saw that her daughter didn’t care about retiring.

“The new emperor ascended the throne, he cut his father’s title…”

“Cut the title?!” Ban Heng bounced his whole body, “Who is the new emperor, let’s kill him now.”

“I can’t remember,” Ban Hua thought for a long while, “but he should be a very powerful man.”

“You don’t remember who they are, but how powerful they are?” Ban Heng cut, “This is too unreliable.”

“Dreams can be taken seriously, and can you be an emperor if you are not so good?” Yin Shi knocked on Ban Heng’s back to prevent him from choking up with Ban Huan, “Don’t be afraid, don’t be afraid, dreams are fake, our family is not Okay?”

“Your grandmother is the eldest princess, who dares to move us?” The Yin family brought out their eldest princess Sandening to calm their daughter’s emotions. “Aren’t you afraid of being scolded by your ancestors?”

“But the new emperor is not from Jiang’s family.” Ban Hua blinked, her beautiful pupils with a layer of mist, looking extraordinarily pitiful, “The man who enthroned is a courtier with unpredictable intentions.”

“Hiss,” Yin took a breath and glanced outside the door. The maid had already withdrawn. Now there are only four of them in the house. “You can’t go out and talk nonsense.”

Banhua knew that her mother would not believe this dream she had, in fact even she herself was dubious about this dream, “In the dream I was divorced, but when I woke up just now, the surname Shen really retired. So …What if it is true?”

“So, what should I do?” Ban Huai, who has been a dude since childhood, looked at Yin nervously, “Madam, should we secretly find a place to hide some gold and silver jewelry?”

“Father, how can you believe my sister’s words, she has been divorced several times, just because of this, she believes that her dream is real, that’s too funny,” Ban Heng waved his hand, “Sister, think about it again Think, is there any major event happening in the dream?”

“The mouth owes!” Ban Hua stretched out his finger and poked Ban Heng’s forehead. The priceless blood jade bracelet on his arm dazzled Ban Heng almost.

“I think about it,” Ban Hua took back his hand and pulled her messy blue silk, “I will think about it again.”

Ban Huai looked at his daughter nervously, hoping that this dream was fake.

“By the way, I remember one thing happened in my dream. Not long after I was divorced, Xie Qilin fell from a horse and broke an eye.” Since the other party eloped with someone, he lost his face, so Ben Hua remembered this very clearly.

Quit your breath.

“You deserve to be my Ban Huai’s daughter. If you offend you, don’t make him feel better in your dreams.” Ban Huai touched the beard on his chin contentedly. “That thank you for bad water is not a good thing!”

“Yes!” Ban Heng echoed, “I see him once, and I will trouble him once.”

Yin sneered: “But you lose every time.”

“That Xie Qilin reads a lot, he has a bad stomach, and he can turn black as white every time. How can I tell him,” Ban Heng said angrily. “But I don’t suffer. No matter how good his mouth is, I can It doesn’t hurt or itchy, he still hurts if I punch him.”

In Ban Heng’s logical world, being scolded is not a loss, being beaten is a loss. For his Ban Xiaohouye, such things as fame are clouds on the horizon.

“Good girl, when did you break your eyes in your dream?” Ban Huai, like Ban Heng, didn’t care about his reputation at all. Since he grew up, he hasn’t heard a few people praise him.

“Just the day after Shen Yulai retired.”

“That’s tomorrow?”

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