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The day when the cold, which was riding on the road, disappeared with thick eyes. Christmas that will remain a blissful day for some.
That day, I received a gift I didn’t want.

“It’s not enough to crawl into my house, so now, would you like to play family games? Who Whatever you’re my brother, I chew cubs. “

The gift doesn’t seem to be pleased with me either.

The gap between the faces became closer and closer as I put my strength on the back of the neck of the instructor.
Soon, the face that came close to my eyes slowly closed my eyes.

“Why do you close your eyes?”

I said softly as I removed the eyelashes that fell to the eyes of Instructor Wall. Then the face with her eyes closed fluttered like a small convulsion.
Instructor Wall opened his eyes. My face burned red, and my gaze ran across my face as if wandering.

“Would you like to kiss?”

How can I not like you
At this moment, I acted as if it was a natural providence for me to like Lecturer Wall.

Associated Names: 나빌레라
Genres: romance. BL
Year: 2020
Status: N/A

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