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The dominant side – the disadvantage of the numbers

The dominant side – the disadvantage of the numbers 0-9 are as follows:

Outstanding – New ideas, unexpected people, different perspectives from common people, think outside the box, always discover new things, able to live on their own. Have a special touch Precise hunch Conceal secrets well
The disadvantage – suppressing mood swings, difficult to understand, obstructing the world, stuck in the private world. Not able to communicate with others

Outstanding aspects – having high leadership, power, charisma, and always being the leader of the organization Self confident Doing things is always the first. Fast. Agile. Think fast. Do fast. I like competition. Dare to think and do to achieve the purpose
Inferior side – boastful, impatient, dominant, always think that you are superior to others. Not allowing someone better than themselves People get easily annoyed, dictators like to use others, give orders but don’t take action.

Outstanding aspects – charming, gentle, sweet, cute, soft, high imagination, love of art, compassionate-minded, always caring for the people around Like helping others Popular With wealth and money to use without fail
Inferior side – not firm, sluggish, easily sensitive, lighthearted, weak hearted, sympathetic, pity, irrational, hard to guess

Notable aspects – Lots of energy, hard work, hard work, hard work, honesty, love of friends and family
Inferior: Power-mad, violent, risky, hardened, gangsters often have conflicts.

Notable side – talkative, talkative They are easy-going, adaptable, resourceful, have traveled, travel often. Always study and seek new knowledge. Be a person who has knowledge around them.
The disadvantage – saying too much, sometimes crying won’t stop Until words can’t be trusted He is a shrewd person who speaks before thinking, causing a breach of contract as well.

Outstanding: Excellent intelligence, intelligence, rational, principled, kind-hearted, compassionate, selfless, faithful, righteous Have virtue Often pass knowledge to others
The disadvantage – too much adherence to rules To study anything to a passionate level Sometimes believe in yourself Does not listen to other opinions, difficult to adapt, sometimes seem indifferent, slow movement

Notable aspects – charming, emotional, aesthetic, love, beauty, imagination, art or music. Be creative Having money and gold without running out of hand
Cons – Easy to love, get tired quickly When there is love, it often reaches the level of tolerance for everything easily, without weight, weightlessness, absurdity, weakness, fantasies, high personal world, many matters, many choices, extravagant spending.

Outstanding aspects – endurance, patience, fight problems well, seriousness, responsibility, work, sacrifice, carefulness Excellent memory Know how to plan your life stable, prudent, keep feeling good, love peace, love solitude
Inferior side – Tired, difficult, often gets to work, trouble a lot, repeats, stresses, anxiety, clinging to the past Acting boring Fun, not suffering, suppressed, trust, difficult, fear of change

Outstanding aspect – generosity, mind in what to do, developers are strong, decisive, dare to think, do Works well on big projects, likes to experiment, learn new things, challenges, and can be tricky to survive. Solve problems immediately Smart, resourceful, independent, thinking outside the box, loving family friends
Inferior side – moody, narcissistic, arrogant, boisterous, stubborn, like to travel, take advantage of opportunities, selfishness, enchantment, fortune, money, recklessness, outcry, dictator, extravagant, extravagant expenditure Some days rich, some days poor Erratic

Outstanding aspect – good wit, innovative creativity. Has a precise premonition, good touch, likes to make merit, loves to pray, has sincere love
Inferior side – Doing things is often extreme. No fit Well, it’s good too. Evil is merciless Sometimes even crazy out of the craziness, difficult to guess, out of the box, outside the rules, sometimes even obsessively studying the superstition.

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