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The meaning of the auspicious and inauspicious numbers of the Chinese people

“The Chinese” have long believed about the auspicious numbers , regardless of whether they are trading or choosing anything. Chinese people always use numbers to make decisions. For example The auspicious event of the Olympic event that China has hosted in 2008 was held on the 8th of the 8th (August) at 08.08.08 am. Chinese auspicious numbers, the number 8 is synonymous with the word Fajai, which means rich, and if the number 8 is rotated horizontally, it is the symbol ∞ (Infinity), meaning “Infinite” or means “infinite rich”, etc.

The meaning of each auspicious number vs not auspicious

  • 1 means one, one.
  • 2 means easy
  • 3 means birth
  • 4 means death
  • 5 represents me
  • 6 means smooth.
  • 7 means together
  • 8 means Heng Heng Heng
  • 9 represents a sustainable, lasting.

Chinese auspicious numbers

  • 0 = China 0 count is even, because the Chinese people like a couple.
  • 2 = Chinese people believe that good luck often comes as a pair of 2, so it is considered auspicious number that, if seen from the popular wedding ceremony, uses the symbol 囍 as two consecutive words that mean “Really happy or twice as happy”
  • 3 = Chinese people believe that life has 3 statuses, which are children, adults, and old people. If anyone has a rare number like 368, it will be very good because it means “born rich”.
  • 6 = for 6 people and it is great if there are, it is better to have 6 people believe that fortune will flow better. For example, a rare number is 168 1668 1688, which means “Rich All Nation”
  • 8 = means “prosperous”. Chinese people like 8 the most. It can be considered a very good auspicious number. If anyone has a phone number 8888-88888, they will like to tell other people that phone number. “My phone number is a number to be rich, rich, rich.” For example, a number ending in 8 and its meaning is very good, such as 3288 8238 meaning “trade prosperity” or 518 meaning “I will be rich”
  • 9 = Chinese people like the number 9 because it has a sound similar to the word Jiu (久), which means “long”.

Inauspicious numbers of Chinese people

  • 4 = sound of the number 4 sounds similar to the word media (死), meaning “die”, so it is considered inauspicious. Forbidden numbers are 4,44,444,4444.
  • 5 = the sound of the number 5 is pronounced similar to the word hu (无), which means nothing left. Therefore rarely used by people as well
  • 7 = for Chinese people is the number 7, both a good number and a bad number. Chinese people believe that the 7th or July is the month when ghosts are released from hell. But it is also the Chinese Valentine’s Day.
  • 13 = in Chinese belief in the number 13 comes from the number 1 + 3 = 4, which means death, so it is not commonly used.
  • 14 = the number 1 in Chinese, has two pronunciations: yao or yao, if pronounced yao zi, it is similar to the word yao, meaning “don’t stay”.

From the above about Chinese auspicious numbers make it known that Chinese people have a lot of beliefs about the auspicious numbers. The auspicious number itself has existed since ancient times, and it can be said that the emperor of China still believes and uses the auspicious number, especially the auspicious number 9, which is embroidered with a set of 9 dragons or the building of the palace walls by carving 9 dragons Wall mounted as well.

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