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There are too many girls, so I have to fly

Tsundere celestial master, demon leader, sick sister, barefoot poison repair, white silk sword immortal, Ye Gulou, the youngest first person to cultivate immortality in Yunlai, was chased and killed by her stunning sister! That’s all, Xiaoye, I soared up where I was, but traveled through another world with them! Elves, beast girls, female knights, female popes, girls from the two worlds are late, but they will never be able to protect the body of a thousand-year boy! More girls from different worlds are coming online one after another~

There are too many girls, so I have to fly
Alternative Name: 妹子太多,只好飞升了
Genre: Adventure, passion, funny, love, antiquity, fantasy, harem, boys
Author: Li Zhiheng
Release: 2020
Status: ongoing
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