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Viva tu vida!


The night
he fell asleep after reading a novel that was accidentally printed incorrectly , Youngjin Ki woke up as the master of the work. Then with a serve ball… .

“So, there is no love. Love.”

Even with the two perfect endings, God wasn’t satisfied and gave a decent love spirit.
In the end, Youngjin decided to start her third life with extras.

“I, do you ever love me? Then say I love you.”

Yes, the love of that damn boy. Hold on to anyone and make it awful. I decided so, but when I caught it, it was the main character that I had to meet with the’real’ owner.

“I love you, Youngjin. Let’s keep traveling together like this.”

However, Youngjin realized it only after he loved Cadwins, the main character.
This was a story that ends when you love.

Viva tu vida!
Associated Names: 비바 투 비다!(viva tu vida!)
Han Yoo-dam
Genres: bl, romance
Year: 2020
Status: N/A

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