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Chapter 1 (Dear Armored Novel)

As night falls, the neon lights of this southern city flicker, and the evening breeze of early summer is mixed with the heat of the day, blowing the hot women’s mini skirts and blowing the night life of the entire city. Various famous cars roared by on the road, as well as ambulances roared by. The General Hospital of the Military Region, at the door of the main building, is equipped with carts and oxygen equipment. A few doctors and nurses in white coats stand in front of the glass door with solemn expressions. An ambulance roared into the hospital, and one flicked to a halt in front of the main building.

A military off-road vehicle followed close behind, a major in camouflage and bulletproof equipment got out of the car, and a corporal. The ambulance door opened, Xia Chu and the other medical staff lifted the stretcher from the car, and lightly put a wounded and sick person on the cart. The camouflage oil on his face was all spent, and the green camouflage on his body was stained with blood. Not out of character.

The medical staff did not dare to delay, pushing him all the way to the emergency room. Early Xia had a solemn expression with blood on his military uniform, and said to the doctor in charge: “Two shots, the bullet on the left chest should have been grazing the heart. He lost too much blood and must be operated immediately.” Doctor Ding nodded and patted. Xia Chu’s shoulder said, “You’ve worked hard. Today’s situation is critical and there are not enough staff on duty. If you have no problem, come in and help.” Xia Chu bit his lip and nodded, “No problem, I’ll change my clothes now.” Hurry up.” “Yes.” Early Xia was an intern at this military hospital. After work today, he took advantage of his free time to go shopping in the mall. However, she did not expect that this bustling shopping mall contained dangers she didn’t know.

Five criminals wanted by the police for many days took control of the mall with retaliatory purposes. They had heavy weapons in their hands and installed bombs in many places in the mall. Early Xia became one of the most hostages. Even though I have been in the military academy for 7 years and have taken countless anti-terrorism courses, when I really encounter this kind of situation, I will still be afraid and helpless. These gangsters came with the purpose of ruining their lives, and could not listen to the persuasion of the police and negotiators at all. Reluctantly, the special group of the G military region was dispatched. The special forces attacked in ways that the gangsters could not imagine, rescued the hostages, dismantled the bombs, and killed the gangsters on the spot. But there is still a soldier who accidentally got shot while rescuing the hostages.

Falling to the ground on the spot, blood splattered. In order to protect the hostages, he was seriously injured. Early Xia was a doctor, and when he saw the fallen soldier, he was the first to rush up regardless of the danger. Checked the location of the shot and did some emergency treatment. But after all, it was shot. Taking out the bullet is the most important thing at present. The ambulance arrived quickly, and early Xia followed the wounded into the ambulance and rushed back to the hospital together. Outside the operating room, Lieutenant Commander Liang Muze stared at the three words “in operation”, his thin lips pressed together,

The corporal Xiao Teng next to him did not seem to be as calm as he was. Walking around outside the operating room, the special forces special leather boots made a rustling sound in the empty corridor. The bursts of noise completely explained his situation. Worry about the emotion of fear.

Following the sound of footsteps from far and near, the colonel Li political commissar in normal uniform ran across the corridor to Liang Muze. Following him was Zhao Zuo, the instructor of the 1st Battalion of Special Forces of the G Military Region. Political commissar Li wiped the sweat from his forehead and asked, “How’s it going?” Liang Muze saluted the colonel, “Two shots, unconscious, and rescue.” “Commissar, instructor, squad leader…” Xiao Teng saw Li The political commissar and Zhao Zuo wiped out tears with one mouth. “Why cry?” Liang Muze yelled at him, his eyes like torches.

With a look in his eyes, Xiao Teng forced his tears back from his birth. Political commissar Li patted Xiao Teng on the shoulder and said: “It’s okay, it’s okay, Tian Yong, this kid, it’s okay to fall from the fifth floor.

“Zhao Zuo nodded, and continued talking,” the political commissar was right. Tian Yong has a thick skin, and there will definitely be nothing wrong. “Actually, they don’t even know that they are saying this to comfort Liang Muze and Xiao Teng, or to comfort themselves. Zhao Zuo looked at Liang Muze’s equipment and said, “Go back and change your clothes. We just need to stay here. . “Liang Muze exhaled softly, “No, have all those boys returned to the army?” “Well, it’s already on the way.” “Tian Yong was injured. Liang Muze sent a captain to take away the soldiers who were on the mission with him. If anyone followed him, he would immediately take off his uniform and get out of the special brigade. Although he didn’t want to leave, he had to follow the order.

A group of predators looked at the fallen Tian Yong with red eyes. There were nurses coming in and out of the operating room constantly, looking hurriedly, Xiao Teng looked more and more uneasy, and finally couldn’t help stopping a nurse coming out of the operating room and saying, “Nurse nurse, do you need a blood transfusion? Yes, I am O type, almighty.” The nurse was surprised. “Really, I have a lot of blood. Just save my monitor.”

“Our blood bank has enough blood. Don’t hold me, let go.” The nurse shook off Xiao Teng’s restraint and ran all the way. To leave. Xiao Teng looked at the operating room and muttered to himself, “The squad leader has shed so much blood, how much do I have to eat to make up for it?” The operation lasted for more than three hours, and Tian Yong, who was seriously injured, circled around Guimenguan. Back again.

When everything settled down, it was already around three in the morning. Tian Yong was sent to the intensive care unit. Early Xia leaned against the wall tiredly, motionless. At the beginning of Xia he packed up, changed his clothes and came out of the emergency room, then turned to the intensive care unit for a round. At the door, I saw a young man wearing a camouflage with his arm falling on his face. At this time, he was lying on the door and looking into the ward through the glass.

There is a large colonel in summer uniform next to him. These people are the special forces who have just rescued them in an emergency. In order to protect them, he was injured. At the beginning of Xia’s eyes, his eyes became sour. “Doctor, doctor.” Xiao Teng ran to see Xia Chu who was wearing a white lab coat, ran over and saluted Xia Chu, “Thank you for saving our monitor.

“Xia Chu hurriedly shook his head and waved his hands, and said nervously, “No, no, it’s your squad leader who has been alive, it’s Doctor Ding’s credit, not me.” “But if it weren’t for you, our squad leader would have no life to make it to the hospital.” “At this time, the sitting colonel also came over. Early Xia was very nervous, and he hurriedly saluted: “Chief, I am a doctor.

I just did what I should do. No doctor will watch a life pass. This is my duty, just like you, protecting the lives of the masses is the same. The colonel replied and took the hand of the beginning of Xia, “Anyway, I want to represent the special brigade, thank you!” “Xia Chu turned around at the nurse’s place, and the nurses were still chattering about what they were doing.

When I approached, I realized that there was also a special military officer who was seriously injured and was sent to the hospital. He was more seriously injured at the time. In addition to being shot twice, he was stabbed several times and his left leg was severely fractured. As a result, after half a month, he was discharged from the hospital alive without any sequelae.

It’s so fascinating, early Xia was just a joke. As a result, as soon as I stepped up from the nurse, I heard someone say: “Your injury back then was much heavier than Tian Yong, and a few more dollars.” After Xia Chu had a meal, his heart seemed to be held tightly by something. Breathless. I couldn’t help turning my head and saw the two majors standing by the window smoking a cigarette, looking at her with indifferent, indifferent eyes. Although his eyes were not very friendly, she respected him in awe.

Isn’t this the major who led the team to rescue the hostages today? It turns out that he is the one with the greater life. It turned out to be no joke. After Tian Yong was sent to the intensive care unit, the captain of the special brigade also rushed to the hospital overnight. Liang Muze, Zhao Zuo and Xiao Teng saw the captain coming, and quickly stood up and saluted. Dong Zhigang didn’t respond, opening his mouth and covering his face and cursed Liang Muze and Zhao Zuo. “I didn’t notify me of such a serious injury, what do you want to do? Is it the other way around?”

Liang Muzemu said without saying a word, “Captain, it’s not that we didn’t notify you, we are afraid…” “What are you afraid of? If it weren’t for the local police to call me, I still don’t know that my soldier was seriously injured and went to the hospital, so I’ll take a rest and you won’t let me worry about this day…” As he said, Dong Zhigang wrinkled his face in anguish. He brows, his left hand is holding his heart, and he draws air-conditioning straight.

Liang Muze was not afraid of death and said: “Why didn’t you tell you.” “You shut up for me.” Dong Zhigang’s face was pale, but his tone was as tough as taking gunpowder. Political commissar Li hurriedly helped Dong Zhigang sit down, “What the doctor said, you can’t raise your energy.” “Old Li, even you and them are hiding things from me. My soldiers are here unclear, but I slept at home. Feeling, what is this?” “The operation has been completed.

The doctor said that as long as there is no problem tonight, there will be absolutely nothing to do.” Dong Zhigang narrowed his eyes and gave a terrifying light, “How dare you not tell me if there is nothing wrong? This is Tian Yong’s all right. If there is something wrong, I will lock you up one by one. And you Lao Li, don’t look at the level of the two of us, ask you to lock up.

“Dong Zhigang said viciously. Political commissar Li has a good temper, and has worked with Dong Zhigang for many years. He knows his temper, that is, he has had a mouth addiction to relieve his anger, so he never cares about him. The left ear goes in and the right ear goes out. All night. She didn’t fall asleep at the beginning of Xia. Lying on the small bed in the duty room, closing her eyes, there would be a scene of being hijacked in the afternoon. She was afraid of injury, death, and fate. She was an ordinary person after all, even though she had worn it for many years. The military uniform can’t make her a hero who is not afraid of life and death.

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