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Chapter 1 (The world where you)

The airport gate of city A.

In the recent cold winter, the exhaled heat can condense into a white mist in the next second and melt into the biting cold air. Weather earlier, due to the absence of sunlight, seemed gloomy and depressing.

I don’t know which direction the cold wind is, but there are bursts of cold wind blowing on my face almost without intermittent, and the coldness seems to have penetrated into my bones, making people tremble with the cold.

It seems to be snowing.

Wen Ge sat next to the suitcase, looking at the gloomy sky, with some expectation.

She is a southerner.

She has been with her grandmother since she has a memory. In comparison, the winter in the south is much warmer than in the north. But when the winter is the coldest, the river at the door of the house that flows through the entire city of L will also freeze.

A thin layer, floating on the surface of the river, is so clear that you can see the water and small fishes flowing underneath, and it breaks at the touch of a touch.

Even then, there is very little chance of snow. Even if you are lucky once in a while, it will be a thin layer of small snowflakes, falling on the ground and turning into ice, and it will turn into water in a short time.

I heard that it snows a lot in winter in City A. Usually, after waking up overnight, you can see thick snow piles in all the places where it can be piled up. It is thick and soft.

She was still in a trance, someone approached and rubbed her hair lightly.

Wen Ge looked up next to her palm, Jiang Junyu smiled at her, dropped her hand, and held her: “We are gone.”

Wen Jing was already waiting by the car. Seeing Jiang Junyu coming, he greeted him with strides. While receiving the luggage, he looked down at the Wen Ge held by Jiang Junyu: “Are you okay?”

His eyes fell on her, but he asked Jiang Junyu.

Because of the matter of adopting her, coupled with the nature of the work of the husband and wife, they are destined not to be able to accompany her at all times like an ordinary family, so they unanimously decided to foster Wen Ge in the father’s place.

So Wen Jing returned to City A two days in advance to do ideological work for the old man.

Jiang Junyu opened the car door to let Wen Ge get in the car first, and when she got in , closed the car door, and when she walked around the car, she asked worriedly: “What did Grandpa say?”

“Grandpa agreed.” Wen Jing put the suitcase in the trunk of the car, looked at her sideways, and calmly calmed down: “Don’t worry too much.”

Jiang Junyu frowned slightly, but never said anything.


The car slowly left the airport lobby and merged into the traffic flow.

The prosperous and busy city of A is very strange to Wenge, and what makes her panic is the future. The future cannot be seen or touched, cannot be imagined or guessed.

Leave from the city, no more long, the car pulled into the villa after a corner, finally stopped.

Wen Ge looked out from the window.

At the door are two majestic stone lions, tied with red ribbons, and they are hunting in the wind at the moment. The carved iron gate, tightly closed, looked heavy and solemn.

Further inside is a tall and tall row of pine trees, on the left is a spacious parking garage, and on the back are steps made of white jade, reflecting a slight coolness in the gloomy and gray daylight.

Hearing the sound of the car whistling, a person quickly walked out of the house, still wearing an apron. Seeing this place from a distance, he laughed, ran to the door in small steps, and opened the door.

Wen Ge was led into the house by Wen Jing. As soon as she walked to the entrance, the woman who had just opened the door squatted down to look at her. It was a very kind gaze, with gentle brows and a slight smile, very kind.

She raised her hand and touched Wenge’s face, and asked Wen Jing who was standing behind her: “This is Wenge, right? She looks so handsome.”

Wen Jing rubbed Wen Ge’s head lightly.

She immediately understood, and obediently called out: “Hello Aunt Xin.”

Aunt Xin seemed to be taken aback for a while, and then smiled again, and took out a pair of small slippers from the shoe cabinet: “I know you are coming, and prepared your shoes in advance. Do you like it?”

Wen Ge nodded, and as soon as he was about to speak, he heard Wen Jing ask: “Shaoyuan hasn’t come back yet?”

Aunt Xin stood up gently on Wenge’s shoulder and shook her head.

Wen Ge blinked and looked up at Wen Jing.

Perceiving her gaze, Wen Jing lowered his head to look at her and explained: “You have also seen him. He took you to the big brother who came to us.”

Jiang Junyu hadn’t spoken all the time. He laughed at this place and corrected: “What big brother should be called Uncle.”

This sentence is like a curse, so that in the years to come, Wen Ge will not be able to escape no matter how hard he struggles.

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