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Chapter 11 The Crypt

Zhou Zishu stood in front of the “Huangquan” for a while, then turned and walked back. He felt that he must have been eating too much in Zhaojiazhuang, so he would jump off without thinking—the head of Huashan himself. It’s not a good thing, his son is simply blue and blue, let alone a good thing, he looks loose and indulgent at a young age.

Besides, people drift in rivers and lakes, where it can not the knife, in the day-brother is the head or spider silk is cut off, with him and what does it matter?

I don’t know if it was affected by Wen Kexing’s ghostly words above, he suddenly felt a particularly bad feeling. There was an indescribable weird air in this crypt. Zhou Zishu had the final say, himself. Although there are only two and a half years of life left, it is more cost-effective to save more lives and heal the wounded. It is more cost-effective to seize the time to accumulate virtues and enjoy life.

There is really no need to drill into someone’s grave with a man who has convulsions at any time.

However, just as he was about to drill back down the original road, he suddenly heard a “Gaden”. It seemed that some mechanical spring was touched, and the small hole protruded from the four directions. I don’t know how many steel knives came out. The small place is blocked.

Fortunately, Zhou Zishu retreated quickly, otherwise the steel knife that Hengkong stabbed was almost pierced as mutton skewers.

He frowned, stared at the steel knives, then turned to Wen Ke and said, “Who did you offend?”

With such a surprise, Wen Kexing opened his eyes wide and his expression was extremely hurt: “Why did I offend someone?”

Zhou Zi Shu laugh loudly and shook his head, he found himself no choice but to follow the piece “Death,” walked on, see if you can find the other end of the exit, walking and said: “You do the authors are not I? I An unknown pawn who has just entered the rivers and lakes, who has never stolen anyone or robbed anyone, and walks around the mountains and rivers peacefully, who can’t get along with me?”

Wen Kexing was silent for a while, marveling at the skill of opening his eyes and telling lies. After a long while, he said softly: “You escorted Zhang Chengling all the way. Starting from the deserted temple, a total of 32 people have been killed. The charming voice Qin Song in the middle. There are four such characters…”

“Fart, there are only eleven if you have a lot of money,” Zhou Zishu said, “most of the people in the deserted temple that day died in the hands of your little beauty.”

“So it must be you.” Wen Kexing said, he raised his slender palms, “My hands, since the day I left home and went to the rivers and lakes, I haven’t killed a single chicken, let alone a human being. How can you offend anyone?”

Zhou Zishu didn’t bother to give him even a look.

Wen Kexing then hurried to catch up with him, stood in front of him, and emphatically said: “Although I don’t look alike, I’m really a good person.”

Zhou Zishu nodded and said: “Yes, good man, please let me be, I am a murderer.”

Wen Kexing didn’t seem to notice that this sentence was perfunctory, and he smiled and said, “You tell me that your face is disguised, and I will forgive you.”

Zhou Zishu smiled and said, “You are so magnanimous.”

Wen Kexing said, “It’s easy to talk.”

Then Zhou Zishu bypassed him on his own and continued to move forward.

Wen Kexing smiled himself, and followed him about two steps behind him.

The water in the yellow spring seemed to be living water. The current was extremely rapid. Zhou Zishu kicked a small stone in. Seeing the water, he didn’t know how deep it was, twists and turns. There seemed to be fish in the water, but it passed too quickly. Zhou Zishu was not good at water level. Basically, he fell into the water to a level where he could hold his breath with a deep internal force and would not drown for a while. Therefore, after watching the water for a while, he decided to stay away from the “yellow spring”.

The crypt seemed to extend in all directions, and the footsteps and occasional voices of the two people seemed to sway far away. Suddenly, Zhou Zishu paused: “Brother Wen, look there.”

Wen Kexing followed his gaze and saw that there was a pile of bones not far away.

Wen Kexing murmured, “Shouldn’t there be other shore flowers on Huangquan Road? Why are there bones when people die?”

Zhou Zishu stretched out his hand and pulled it among the bones. In one hand, he picked up most of a person’s broken skull, and in the other, he raised the Huo Zhe in his hand. People beheaded…Huh? No, the wound is uneven and there are tooth marks. Could it be that an animal bit it?”

Wen Kexing asked: “Aowu bite off a person’s head?”

Zhou Zishu picked up a thigh bone again: “The tooth mark… is still the tooth mark. The tooth mark on this one is a bit smaller, and the shape doesn’t seem to be the same…”

He just felt that the tooth print was a bit familiar, as if he had seen it somewhere, but after all, he had never done anything, and he would not remember it for a while.

Wen Kexing seemed to feel a little sick. He stretched out two fingers and took the thigh bones from Zhou Zishu’s hands. He held them in his hands for a long while, and came to the conclusion: “This… is really clean. It’s better than I eat chicken thighs. Much cleaner.”

Zhou Zishu decided not to eat chicken drumsticks again after going out.

“What kind of food is this? Is it possible that there is a beast?” Wen Kexing thought for a while, and asked, “I heard that there is a beast in the underworld called Diting. It’s a big guy. Do you think it loves meat?”

——Not willing to give up his ghost story theory.

Zhou Zishu then smiled and said, “Brother Wen can go down and ask…”

His words for “asked” fell, and suddenly there was a sound of “Xi Xi Suo Suo” behind him. In the crypt of the black hole, beside the “Yellow Spring”, it almost made people stand up. Zhou Zishu and Wen Kexing turned at the same time. Turn around, take a step back, facing the river vigilantly.

Wen Kexing said slowly: “I heard that Di can’t listen to Huangquan, and there are not so many.”

There were a lot of things that looked like humans, and then they weren’t very human. They had very long limbs, a very short stature, and they were naked. Their skin and flesh were so pale in the water that they had long hair. They were very wide and big. There are some deformities, which seem to be two or three times that of normal people, but their eyes are particularly bright, with a faint light shining in the darkness, slowly approaching like two people.

Zhou Zishu suddenly lowered his head, took a bite on his wrist, and then looked at the thin and shallow toothmarks and said to Wen in a low voice: “I remember, that smaller toothmark… is… …”

Wen Kexing stepped back and asked, “What is it?”


Wen Kexing paused when he heard the words, and suddenly stopped with a dry cough, straightened his sleeves and hair, and clasped his fists to the monsters who were slowly approaching: “League… my dear brothers, I didn’t mean to break into this room without any intention of offending , Please…”

Zhou Zishu laughed out of a “pouch” in an unkind manner, and the headed monster opened his mouth, gave a miserable howl, and rushed towards Wen Kexing.

Wen Kexing cried out strangely: “I haven’t finished talking yet.”

But the body was like a weak leaf, floating three feet aside lightly, letting the monster pass. That they are nothing but monsters fast action and reaction, and turned around to recover the past, its claws child sticking out, like Jing Si is shining coldness, scraping on the ground, leaving enough to have more than two inches deep marks.

Zhou Zishu smiled and said, “Why, brother Wen, is the language unfamiliar?”

The monster’s siege began. Zhou Zishu couldn’t treat this thing as an adult at all, and they were indeed not human. The body was incredibly strong, extremely destructive, extremely fast and powerful, and seemed to not know the pain.

Zhou Zishu slapped a strong palm on the chest of a monster. He didn’t have much strength, even the big stone could make him break it. Who knows that the monster just flew out diagonally and hit the wall hard. Going up, but only wailing in his mouth, after a long while, he got up again.

Zhou Zishu was secretly frightened, unable to think of what it was for a while.

Hearing a “click” next to him, it turned out that a monster had touched behind him and planned to attack. Wen Kexing caught him and broke his neck.

Wen Kexing still smiled and said: “I will save you once.”

Only then did Zhou Zishu realize that the whole body of this thing was very strong, except for the neck, which seemed particularly fragile and somehow could not stand the huge head.

He was a little surprised, why could Wen Kexing find out so quickly? Still politely said: “Thank you very much.”

Another monster leaped over, Zhou Zishu let it go, bending his elbow, hitting the monster’s back severely, then flexed his fingers and claws, and twisted the monster’s head.

The two killed three or five of them like chickens. Those things seemed to be a little bit brainy. Seeing that they couldn’t beat them, they became frightened. The first one opened its mouth and howled again, and then they slowly returned. In the water, he occasionally raised his head and coveted these two extremely powerful intruders.

Zhou Zishu whispered: “The size of this thing, I’m afraid I can’t bite off a person’s head, right? It seems that it is not suitable to stay here for a long time, let’s go quickly.”

Wen Kexing was silent for a long time before saying: “I thought about it.”

Zhou Zishu thought he had thought of what was the thing that bit off the head, so he asked, “What did he think of?”

Wen Kexing said: “A real person’s skin will be red if you pinch it hard with your hands, and you can’t see it easily. If you ask me to pinch your face, I will know if you have moved your hands or feet.”

Zhou Zishu turned around and left without saying a word, thinking that he would ask this guy seriously, it must be a brain cramp.

Wen Kexing followed closely and said: “You must be a guilty conscience for not letting me pinch, I know you have moved your hands and feet! Are you too good-looking, afraid of being molested by the protégé? Don’t worry, Brother Zhou, next He’s a gentleman, it won’t be so good, just let me have a look at the true face of Lushan…”

Zhou Zishu turned a deaf ear to his ears.

At this time, I just listened to Wen Kexing’s voice and said: “But your ability to disguise is really good. I can’t think of anyone in the martial arts that is so good now. Is it possible…you are the legendary’Skylight’ ‘People?”

Zhou Zishu’s footsteps suddenly stopped, Wen Kexing’s smile seemed very meaningful in the dark crypt, but Zhou Zishu just raised an index finger, reached out to stop his footsteps, and whispered, “Did you hear?”

The two calmed down, and deep in the dark crypt, there was a vague cry of a beast. Zhou Zishu whispered: “Biting off the human head.”

Wen Kexing was obviously not interested in “things that can bite off people’s heads”. His eyes were only staring at Zhou Zishu thoughtfully, but he saw that this person didn’t respond to what he said just now, just listened vigilantly. From the look in the eyes to the expression, there was not even a trace of fluctuation.

Another roar came, this time the sound was obviously louder, as if the thing was walking this way, Zhou Zishu found that the monsters probing in the water seemed to be afraid of something, and they all retracted. He stretched out his hand to pull Wen to walk, and the two turned into a path, only to see Zhou Zishu taking out a small bottle from his arms and sprinkling it while walking.

Then the two retreated to the corner, holding their breath.

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