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Chapter 12 Illusion

Wen Kexing didn’t know what the powder that Zhou Zishu had spilled, but he didn’t ask, as if he knew that this person was reliable in his heart, he just stood beside Zhou Zishu quietly , for a moment, only listening to the roughness. The animal’s gasps slowly approached, and the animal seemed to be careful about something. He didn’t walk fast, and then passed by about three feet away from the two of them.

It was a big guy, who looked like a dog, but was as big as a pony, had black hair all over, and made a “wheezing” sound from his nose. There seemed to be a smell in the air, and it slowed down. Sniffing around, it seems a little confused.

Zhou Zishu put his hands on his chest, leaned against the wall, and squinted his eyes carefully.

There was a Ruoruuowu smile on Wen Kexing’s face. The smile was a bit cold and fleeting, as if it had never appeared before.

The monster was not far away, but did not notice the existence of the two of them at all. After staying there for a while, they continued to walk forward. The two of them stared at the back of this big guy without blinking their four eyes. Seeing that it followed the smell of blood, it walked all the way to the side of the monster corpses, sniffed, and then gave a low growl, then lowered its head and chewed happily-it really bit off the head of a humanoid monster in one bite.

Wen Kexing and Zhou Zishu looked at each other. Zhou Zishu was secretly frightened. Although he was not a fake, he had lived for so many years. After all, he was so knowledgeable and would never even admit the mistake of a human skull. He thought, could it be that monster? Is it really a human?

But how can people become like this?

Wen Kexing stabbed him and pointed to the path behind him. Zhou Zishu nodded and followed him carefully to leave.

The road is wide and sometimes narrow. I don’t know how many turns, and when I walked far away, Wen Kexing whispered: “There are other tooth marks on the leftover bones of the animal. You said those things in the water are Did you eat your own kind?”

When he wasn’t talking nonsense, his voice was extremely low, like a sigh, but he didn’t appear weak, as if he didn’t want to use more strength at all, with a slight indifference that didn’t matter to him, he paused and asked again: ” Is that stuff human?”

Zhou Zishu glanced at him and said in a low voice, “Shu is ignorant and ignorant.”

Wen Kexing chuckled, “Are you ignorant? Hey.”

He didn’t say anything, just strode forward.

After going round and round, I don’t know how long, but after turning a turn, the fast-flowing “Yellow Spring” is horizontally in front of him. Zhou Zishu suddenly shouted, “Slowly.”

Wen Kexing turned his head to look at him, his face regained the look of beating and looking for a photo: “Beauty Brother Zhou, what’s wrong?”

Zhou Zishu knew that to deal with people’s madness, he couldn’t react to him. Otherwise, he would push his nose and face more and more, so he ignored him, barked at him, and just said: “The things in the water are powerful and fast. , And can come and go freely in the water, just now the animal was walking on a dry road, and knew that he had to stay away from the water. Watching it eat, it was only on the shore and did not go to the water to prey. How did you catch them?”

Wen Kexing paused, his eyes widened, and he looked at the gloomy underground. I wonder if he was talking to himself or asking Zhou Zishu, and said, “How big is this place?”

Why is it like I can’t get to the head, why can’t I find the side?

Zhou Zishu pondered for a while, and suddenly said, “This river runs east-west, and I kept remembering the direction just now. Although we turned a few turns, we should go north-south…”

“Are you talking about ghosts hitting the wall?” Wen Kexing was suddenly excited and blinked. “I have heard of one thing, and it is said to be true. There is a person…”

Zhou Zishu turned around, turned his back to him, carved a mark on the wall behind him with his fingertips, and then walked out along the weird river without saying a word.

Wen Kexing’s ghost story was coldly received, and he was not angry. He rubbed his nose and smiled and followed.

Suddenly, a roar of a beast came, and the entire crypt seemed to vibrate with it. The roar was accompanied by a scream, the voice was very tender, and it sounded like a child.

Zhou Zishu took a step.

Then the child started screaming and crying, becoming more and more miserable.

Zhou Zishu immediately swept in that direction. His body was extremely fast, and he went out more than ten feet in a flash. Wen Kexing just wanted to say something, but before he had time, the outstretched hand was so hanging in the air, he had to He swallowed the words back, shook his head, and ran after him.

Seeing the dog-like and horse-like monster under its paws, pressing on a little girl, with huge fangs on the little girl’s snow-white neck, he wanted to bite it off. Zhou Zishu slapped it out with a volley. He actually had the ability to beat a bull in the air, hit the beast’s head, knocked his head wide, and his huge body rolled to the side.

Then Yi Ba to the ground that faint breath of the little girl hold up.

The big guy shook his head vigorously, as if he had been beaten up a bit. It took a moment to realize that Zhou Zishu had snatched the food in his mouth, and immediately roared and rushed towards him.

Zhou Zishu first subconsciously wanted to throw the little girl to Wen Kexing, but then he paused subtly. He stepped on a strange number of steps under his feet, and he stepped back three or four feet away, gently touching it. The little girl put it aside, then flashed out to the other side.

The monster came with him, and the fishy smell in the open blood basin made people’s brain hurt. Zhou Zishu flatly swept Lao Gao, and he turned over and rode on the monster’s neck.

Wen Kexing stood aside, glanced blankly at the little girl who was sobbing, and looked up.

Zhou Zishu made a heavy fall and forced the monster down abruptly. Unexpectedly, the beast was also clever. As soon as his body fell to the side, he had to roll it on the spot—follow it. Circle, I’m afraid that the copper skin and iron bones will be crushed by this big guy who weighs more than a hundred kilograms.

As it fell sideways, Zhou Zishu immediately slapped it, turned it down, and kicked the monster’s belly.

It has muscles and bones knots on its back, but its belly is very soft. Zhou Zishu almost knocked its internal organs with this foot, and roared with pain. However, after all, it has thick skin and thick flesh, it can actually get up and open its mouth. Zhou Zishu bit it, his hind legs were strong, and the pain was so tight that he was very angry. This pounce was also extremely quick. Zhou Zishu waited to flash to the side, but he might have a stagnant breath, and he didn’t even raise his breath.

The sharp teeth of the monster were near before. He pressed his chest with one hand, flexed his elbows with one hand, leaned forward and hit his nose with his elbow. The bone of the monster’s nose snapped, but the sharp claws grabbed Zhou Zishu’s left shoulder, and immediately saw blood.

Zhou Zishu discovered that the monster’s nose was actually weak, and ignored his injuries. He slapped the monster’s nose again with a backhand. The internal force directly smashed the bones of its forehead through its broken nose. With a crisp sound, the monster staggered back two or three steps before falling down suddenly.

Zhou Zishu frowned and stretched out his hand to seal the acupuncture point on his left shoulder to stop the bleeding. He wanted to wash the wound with the water in the “Yellow Spring”, but when he thought of the human and ghost inside, he gave up and just listened to Wen. The guest said “Huh” and asked, “Do you have an internal injury?”

Zhou Zishu turned his head and glanced at him, calmly said: “It was probably because I didn’t eat enough at night, and my hands and feet were weak.”

Then he leaned over and picked up the little girl, patted her on the back, and asked softly: “Whose child are you, why are you alone in such a ghost place?”

Wen Kexing heard him say such a sentence, and immediately sneered: “Little girl? How could a little girl be here? You might as well ask her what kind of evildoer is. Good point, what can I do to save her?”

The little girl kept silent, and went straight into Zhou Zishu’s arms.

Zhou Zishu stopped asking, but said to Wen Ke: “Accumulate virtue and do good.”

Wen Kexing’s gaze shifted down, staring thoughtfully at his bloody shoulders, and suddenly smiled: “Brother Zhou, you didn’t color your shoulders. The difference between your hands, face and neck is too big, but I can see it. .”

Zhou Zishu paused for a moment, and said briefly: “It’s sun-dried.”

Wen Kexing smiled and said: “No, it’s the first time I heard that a beauty with ice muscles like snow can get a dish like chaff after basking in the sun.”

“Icy such as snow,” words succeeded in getting the Zhou Zi Shu shivering, he would prop up the little girl asked, only to open his mouth to speak, suddenly staring across the ground, actually saw a very strange scene – that A small tree grew out of the corpse that looked like a vicious dog, and the tree was scorching… full of peach blossoms!

Wen Kexing followed his gaze, his face immediately changed.

Zhou Zi Shu no energy to other people do not face changing face, he stood transfixed, stare longer growing on a large peach tree, floating in the air as if an unknown flowers, vicious dog’s body Gone long ago, the peach blossom seemed to have absorbed some essence and exploded. It was so prosperous that it instantly enveloped a large area-as if he could touch it as soon as he stretched out his hand.

A person stood under the peach tree.

A young man with thick eyebrows and big eyes. His plump lips seemed to be smiling. His shoulders were covered with peach blossom petals. He indifferently stretched out his hand and lifted his lips. Zhou Zishu saw him clearly. Said-brother.


At that moment, Zhou Zishu’s heartbeat seemed to stop.

Suddenly, there was a piercing pain in the injured shoulder. Zhou Zishu groaned unexpectedly. He looked down and found that the little girl he was holding in his arms opened her mouth and bit on his wound fiercely .

Zhou Zishu almost instinctively bounced her away with internal force, and then recovered, the peach blossom tree and the people under the tree were gone–there was still a gloomy crypt in front of him, and the corpse of a huge black-haired monster stood out. Underground, there was a pile of bones that they had checked earlier.

The little girl who was thrown out by him let out an unhuman scream, he fixed his eyes to see what little girl was there, it was clearly a little monster in the water!

The little monster opened his mouth and yelled at him, staring greedily at his bleeding wound, and eagerly wanted to pounce on it again, suddenly a slender palm stretched out next to him and pinched its neck. The little monster didn’t even struggle. When he had time to struggle, he broke his neck and kicked his legs to death.

With a smile on his mouth, Wen Kexing casually threw the body of the little monster aside, and said nonchalantly: “I know why the things in these waters are so afraid that they will come ashore and be eaten by the monsters. It seems, The two of us are not alone in the Tao.”

Zhou Zishu looked like he was slack off, and smiled bitterly after hearing the words: “So we were in a circle just now, did we return to the original place?”

Wen Kexing looked at him and said, “Can you still go? I can carry you on my back… well, you can hold it, as long as you show me your face.”

Zhou Zishu laughed dryly: “Thank you, no need.”

He covered the wound on his left shoulder, with twelve points of energy, and continued walking along the “Yellow Spring”, suddenly remembering something, and asked: “I just saw the monster’s body grow grass and flowers. A bunch of dog-tail flowers are still there singing and dancing, what do you see again?”

Wen Kexing said behind him: “I saw an owl—I’ll tell you, it’s not a good sign to hear an owl laughing, sure enough—I also saw a person with a bowl of red water in his hand, and then The owl knocked over…”

Zhou Zishu shut his mouth, he himself said a lie, and the other party responded with a lie, which was fair.

He walked in front, did not look back, and did not see Wen Kexing’s expression at that moment—the smile on his mouth seemed to freeze for a long, long time, his eyes were hollow, staring at the ground, as if staring very much. Far away, seeing Zhou Zishu impatiently listening to his ghost story about owls, he swallowed his words and followed him silently.

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