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Chapter 1372 The balance of the world

“What does it mean that it affects the balance between ordinary people and evolving people?” A young man was puzzled and didn’t quite understand the meaning of Shang Hui’s words.

“It’s not difficult to understand.” Shang Hui touched the tip of his nose, and said: “Holy Land has always been pretentious and regards itself as a judge to maintain order in the world. Their rights must be supreme. All those who try to bring harm to ordinary people are supreme. The evolvers will be eliminated by the Holy Land.

In fact, it is precisely because of the existence of the Holy Land that there have been no problems in the world of ordinary people. If there is no Holy Land, those powerful evolvers would have already ruled the world. “

For the Holy Land, these people present did not reject much, but believed that the existence of the Holy Land was extremely necessary.

In this world, there is no shortage of powerful and ambitious advanced evolutionists. If there were no holy places, these evolutionists would have already set off stormy waves in the world of ordinary people.

In recent years, the Holy Land has indeed killed many powerful evolvers, and almost every of these evolvers has blood stained on their hands, and it is no exaggeration to describe them as sinful.

“But why did I find my father in the Holy Land? My father has never done anything out of the ordinary. Even if there is a battle, it is a war between the evolving clan.”

“To put it bluntly, it is because of his father’s experimental technology.” Shang Bei Yue thoughtfully said: “Actually, it is not difficult to guess that his father’s experimental technology is too powerful. After the father’s technical transformation, ordinary people can even match the innate evolution, or even stronger than the innate evolution. The power will inevitably be surpassed by the father. At that time, the Holy Land will no longer have any right to speak, and the Father can cover the sky with only his hand, and the Holy Land cannot compete with his father…”

“The Holy Land wants to rush to the father to be too powerful to control Before that step, this hidden danger will be resolved. Therefore, the Holy Land cannot tolerate other evolutionaries who are stronger than them.”

Hearing the sound, Shang Yuan said indifferently: “It’s not that the Holy Land is afraid of being stronger than others, but that someone will be stronger than the Holy Land and destroy the balance of the world.”

“This…” In other words

, there is no Holy Land. Bad heart, it seems that it is still for the sake of this world, it is not hesitate to let yourself be infamy?

“So what, father’s things, why give it to the holy land, and the holy land just wants to make father disappear based on guessing, and really regards himself as a god?”

“Heh, it looks like a rainy day, removing hidden dangers to the world, In fact, it is extremely absurd.”

“Shang Qiu!”

At this moment, Shang Hui’s eyes fell on the young man beside him.

Hearing the sound, the young man was taken aback for a while, and immediately said: “Fourth brother, what’s the matter?”

“Shang Qiu, I let you be responsible for guarding a radius of tens of miles. There are people from the Holy Land approaching, but you didn’t realize that you let the people from the Holy Land. Into his father’s room?” Shang Hui said coldly.

“Four brother, this is my dereliction of duty, but I did not see anyone passing by. Moreover, so many brothers and sisters are here, don’t you let the people from the Holy Land enter my father’s room?” Shang Qiu returned unhurriedly. Tao.

“Don’t blame Shangqiu.”

Shang Yuan first glanced at Shang Qiu, and then slowly said, “The power of evolution of the Day of the Holy Land is unique. It can dissolve in the wall and soil and has not been discovered. It is normal.”

“Father .” , This matter is indeed my dereliction of duty, please father severely punish!”

Immediately, Shang Qiu walked to Shang Yuan’s side and knelt on his knees.

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