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Chapter 1373 The People of the Holy Land

“Don’t blame yourself, it has nothing to do with you.” Shang Yuan glanced at Shang Qiu, bending down to help Shang Qiu up.

When he got up, a cold light flashed in Shang Qiu’s eyes. At some point, a small dagger appeared in his hand.

“Puff” the

dagger pierced into Shang Yuan’s abdomen, and the blood instantly dyed Shang Yuan’s shirt bright red.


Upon seeing this, the expressions of everyone present changed drastically, and even some of the children who had never recovered from their spirits looked towards Shang Qiu in disbelief, and subconsciously thought that Shang Qiu was controlled by some mysterious force.

No one would think that the father’s children, their brothers and sisters would harm the father.


Almost at the same time that the dagger pierced Shang Yuan’s abdomen, Shang Yu kicked Shang Qiu’s head and kicked Shang Qiu out several meters with a “boom”.

“Father, how are you?!”

Shang Beiyue glanced at Shang Qiu coldly, and then immediately stepped forward to support Shang Yuan.

Shang Yuan’s breathing was very steady. Although his face was pale, he was still very calm. There was no unexpected feeling, as if everything was in his expectation.

“It seems that my father did not do enough.”

After a while, Shang Yuan sighed softly: “Even if I know that Shang Qiu is a child from the Holy Land.”

“You know I am a person from the Holy Land…”

Shang Qiu was expressionless. Look at Shang Yuan.

“Asshole thing, you dare to kill your father, a rebellious beast!” With

a long knife, Shang Beiyue moved forward and slashed Shang Qiu.

However, what Shang Beiyue didn’t expect was that his father held his shoulders and didn’t let himself go forward.

“Father, you… is this?” The old five Shang Beiyue looked puzzled.

This rebellious son already wants to kill him, but why does his father…

“No matter how bad he is, he will always be my child.” Shang Yuan said, “Same as you.”

“Shang Yuan, you should put away your fake mercy. With so many children, you are most partial to the eldest and the fifth, because they are stronger, and we are a little weaker, when do you really regard us as your children? It’s just a tool, just call it. Come and flick.”

“Shang Qiu, do you still have a conscience?” Shang Yu looked at Shang Qiu coldly: “Don’t ask if you approach your father with your purpose and become his father’s child. But these years, father How you treat you, how you treat us, you know in your heart that father always treats you equally and can’t tolerate your slander.”

“Heh.” Shang Qiu sneered: “People who don’t even recognize their own daughters will treat us like us. What are the true feelings of the adopted sons and daughters of the blood relationship?”

“It is not your turn to

talk about things about the little girl. Father has his own intentions.” “I understand.”

Shang Hui looked at Shang thoughtfully. Qiu: “It’s no wonder that the people in the Holy Land can easily find our place. It should be the way you led.”

“Of course it was the way I led, so what… Unfortunately, I didn’t expect Shang Yuan’s physical fitness to be so strong, obviously. It’s an extremely ordinary evolutionary. My poisoned dagger can’t kill him.”

Not only Shang Qiu, but Shang Yu and others were also very strange. In their impression, his father didn’t have any powerful force. , The evolutionary power is also very ordinary, but people facing the Holy Land can actually retreat with their whole body, even the poisonousness can’t kill his father.

“It is very poisonous on the dagger, Shang Qiu, you are vicious.” Shang Hui sneered.

“Don’t talk nonsense, I have nothing to say, I am even more right… I was originally a child of the Holy Land, and approaching Shangyuan is only a guarantee for the Holy Land. Since I have failed, I will kill or kill!” Shangqiu Road.

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