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Chapter 1382 Yuanjia Road is narrow

Chapter 1382 Yuan Jia Lu Zhai

Ling Yang played stable this time, still in the top six position. Originally, this result was not bad, but in front of Lin Yan who won the championship again, it became a joke.

In the past, all flowers and applause surrounded him after the competition, but now, everything that once belonged to him has been transferred to Lin Yan.

Due to the competition system and the number of participants, the global league is divided into multiple divisions for competition. Although the competition venues are exactly the same, the different racers participating in the competition will cause a big gap between the two divisions.

In the two races, Ling Yang has not been in the same zone with Lin Yan. Even though Lin Yan has won two championships in a row, he has not competed with Lin Yan on the same track. He cannot be convinced that a female racer is like this. Strength.

Seeing that Ling Yang was in a bad mood, Su Cai hurriedly rushed to get close, “God Yang drinks water! God Yang, look at her proud spirit, she won two low-level league championships, and she doesn’t know who she is anymore. You won the championship in a row, Yang Shen, you won it 800 years ago. Besides, you are the only Chinese racer who has ever made it to the top of the race. She is really lucky. You have not been in the same division with Yang Shen twice. , Otherwise where will the champion get her!”

Ling Yang looked gloomy and didn’t say a word.

The captain of the Lightspeed Team was no better in mood than Ling Yang. As a top domestic veteran racer, he is now under the pressure of a new airborne racer and grabbed all the limelight. How could he feel better.

Now the Internet is overwhelmingly mocking them, saying that they are not as good as a woman.

They have been fighting for the Hua Guo team for so many years, and they were completely denied because of only two races.

But after all, he is a veteran, and his face is not obvious. He has seen too many such short-lived racing drivers. Moreover, the global third league and global second league are originally used for training for them, and it is impossible to use the real Level and nirvana are placed in low-level competitions.

The next World First League and the pinnacle game are the real battlefields.

The Aurora Racing Team won the championship and runner-ups in the second league in the world. Qi Feng and Mo Shuyun also both entered the First League in the world. Tonight, Aurora Racing held a grand celebration banquet.

It was originally organized by the three teams of Hua Guo, but both Light Speed and Lei Yin pushed for training.

As the protagonist of the celebration banquet, Lin Yan was very kind, so he could only call Pei Yucheng and talked about it, and then attended the banquet.

After the banquet, everyone said goodbye.

Yun Xuan has been following Lin Yan, like a little tail.

Lin Yan looked at his little apprentice, “Are you sleepy?”

Yun Xuan immediately shook his head.

Lin Yan chuckled and opened the door of his vintage old car, “Get in the car and take you to learn Albert and quickly turn into a corner.”

Yun Xuan’s eyes suddenly widened, “Now… now? Master! Really! …Is it really okay?”

Lin Yan raised her eyebrows, “I said, as long as you win, I will teach you, and the master can lie to you.”

She had already seen that her little apprentice had been absent all night, but she was embarrassed. Just mention it with her.

It’s rare that the apprentice is so self-motivated, of course she, as a master, must teach it well.

Half an hour later, Lin Yan took Yunxuan to the largest racing training venue in the western suburbs. The terrain here is more suitable for today’s teaching.

As soon as the two arrived at the place, they saw the lights on the front track flashing and many cars stopped.

One of the teenagers who was leaning against the car with blond hair, blue eyes and a black face looked irritable, turned out to be Mi Xiu.

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