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Chapter 1383 Call Me Grandpa Grandpa

It’s Really Enunity Luzhai…

Lin Yan’s old and tattered old car is so eye-catching, Mi Xiu almost spotted her and Yun Xuan at a glance.

“It’s you!” The young man suddenly entered a fighting state like a little lion with exploded fur. “What are you doing here? Wouldn’t it be to follow me!”

Yun Xuan hurriedly said, “I… let’s train. , This is not your private venue.”

Mi Xiu didn’t know what he thought of, and sneered, “Training? Shouldn’t you come to practice Albert’s fast turning?”

Yun Xuan did not speak, and it was a acquiescence.

Michelle immediately hurriedly laughed, “It’s just a championship in the second league in the world. Do you really think of yourself as a death track? You are actually going to teach Yeva’s nirvana skills, and you are not afraid to blow the cowhide!”

Yun Xuan frowned: “My master is very good, and she said she will, so she will definitely.”

Mi Xiu looked proudly: “Your master is good? Is my master good anymore?”

Yun Xuan: “Your master…”

Mi Xiu said. “Do you know who my master is?”

Yun Xuan blushed, “I… I… I don’t care who your master is… My master… is very powerful…”

Mi Xiu continued to seduce: ” Hmph, let me tell you, not only my master is great, but my master’s master is even more powerful! Do you know who my master is? Do you know who my master’s master is?”

Lin Yan’s brows were black, and he couldn’t bear to look straight. …”

Is this a fight among elementary school students?

Lin Yan asked faintly: “Oh? Who is your master? Who is your master’s master?”

Mi Xiu glanced at Lin Yan, “You don’t even know who my master and my master’s master are, and you dare to say yourself. Will Albert rush into the corner?”

Lin Yan smiled, “What if I just do?”

Thinking of the humiliation he suffered on the field today, Mi Xiu suddenly said, “Then you dare to make a bet with me!”

Lin Yan raised his eyebrows and wanted to bet again?

“Okay, what do you want to bet?” Lin Yan asked.

Mi Xiu narrowed his eyes, “Now we are going to the track to compete. If you lose and you can’t get Albert into the corner at all, then you can open a tweet and say that you are good to me. The racing skills were convinced, admired, and… and called me brother!”

Lin Yan’s mouth twitched slightly, “No problem, but what if I win and beat you with Albert’s swift turn?”

Mi Xiu sneered, “It’s impossible! If you really win, I will do whatever you want.”

Lin Yan was helpless for a year, this boy, but he really doesn’t have a long memory…

Finally, Lin Yan thought for a while and said, “All right, if I win, I won’t be too embarrassed. You, just call me grandfather grandfather respectfully.”

Mi Xiu’s eyes widened when he heard this, and he could hardly believe what Lin Yan said.” Let me call your grandfather grandfather? Are you dreaming? You call me uncle is almost the same!!!”

Lin Yan deliberately used the aggressive method, “Why, I’m afraid of losing, don’t you dare to bet with me?”

Mi Xiu is a single cell Sure enough, “I’ll be afraid of you? What a joke! Just gamble!”

He had analyzed it a long time ago. At the time of today’s game, Lin Yan’s stats did not surpass him at all, not to mention the extremely terrain of the western suburbs Complexity is extremely beneficial to a racing driver like him.

Lin Yan, a novice, would definitely not be his opponent under this complicated terrain.

He must be ashamed! ! !

Otherwise, how could he have the face to face the master!

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