Chapter 1447 I am looking forward to it

Chapter 1447 I am looking forward to

“I haven’t considered this question…” Lin Yan murmured.

Although Pei Yucheng had a headache with this problem, his eyes sank after hearing Lin Yan’s words.

“However, being reminded by you, it seems to be on the agenda!” Lin Yan said happily and turned his head to look at Pei Yucheng, “My dear, when do you think we should get the certificate?”

Pei Yucheng was originally low. “You…definitely want to consider this issue…”

“Of course, isn’t love that doesn’t depend on marriage as a hooligan?” Lin Yan thought about it very seriously, and then said with excitement. He said, “Hey, otherwise, after I won the championship in the top game, let’s get the certificate, okay?”

Pei Yucheng’s eyes were like ten thousand clear blue waves covering the sea of ​​sunrise.

At this moment, his mood is really quite complicated.

Lin Yan actually asked him to get the certificate from him, but if she really wants to get the certificate then she will inevitably find out that they are already married.

“Wow! Sister-in-law, are you proposing?” Pei Yutang widened his eyes.

Lin Yan coughed for a while, and then realized what he had just said, “Ahem, what a proposal, how could my proposal be so shabby! That must be grand enough!”

Pei Yucheng’s lips twitched slightly, and his eyebrows were full. Moonlight, “I’m looking forward to it.”

If he can, he really hopes that everything will not be disturbed now.

However, this calmness may not be maintained for too long…

… After the

global league, Lin Yan finally made it to the top of the game smoothly, so he also relaxed a little bit.

There is still some time before the top game, and things that she has deliberately avoided before have to start to think about.

Lin Yan was going to go back to find He Muyun. There are some things that I am afraid he still needs to ask He Muyun face to face.

Before going back, Lin Yan went to the mall to buy some supplements and clothes for He Muyun.

Before entering the mall, Lin Yan vaguely felt that Youdao’s gaze stayed on him.

Lin Yan subconsciously stopped and looked around. When he saw Xiao Ji in the wheelchair in front of him, he couldn’t help but be a little surprised. He didn’t expect to encounter Xiao Ji in this place.

“Miss Lin Yan, what a coincidence.”

Xiao Ji in the wheelchair looked at Lin Yan with a smile and said.

Lin Yan wanted to turn around, but Xiao Ji had already seen her, and it seemed impolite to ignore her.

In desperation, Lin Yan could only bite the bullet and walk towards Xiao Ji.

“Xiao Ji, why are you here?” Lin Yan stared at Xiao Ji, curiously speaking.

“I have nothing to do, I plan to visit the mall.” Xiao Ji whispered.

“Really?” Lin Yan stared at Xiao Ji with suspicion.

This guy has mobility problems. He sits in a wheelchair every day, so how can he come to the shopping mall in a good manner? Not only that, Xiao Ji’s wealth, what needs him?

“Aren’t you following me?” Lin Yan stared at Xiao Ji, questioningly.

Hearing the sound, Xiao Ji looked at his legs subconsciously, “Do you think I am following you?”

Lin Yan: “…”

“Miss Lin, Mr. really came to visit the mall.” Pushing Xiao Ji’s wheelchair Fortunately, Chuan said.

Whether others believe it or not, Lin Yan doesn’t believe it anyway, but what Xiao Ji does has nothing to do with him.

“Miss Lin Yan, it’s a coincidence. I have difficulty in moving. Could you please help me push the wheelchair and we will turn around together.” Xiao Ji looked at Lin Yan and laughed softly.

As Xiao Ji’s voice fell, the corner of Lin Yan’s mouth twitched slightly, and immediately pointed at Xing Chuan, “Isn’t he a human?”

“It just so happened that he was fired.” Xiao Ji said lightly.