Chapter 1448 I know your life experience

Chapter 1448 I know your life experience

, Xingchuan was surprised, and immediately seemed to think of something, frowning: “Since I have been fired, then I will go.”

Xingchuan finished, strode away, not even Give Lin Yan a chance to stop him.

“Xiao Ji, are you too shameless?” Lin Yan looked at Xiao Ji in surprise.

Xiao Ji smiled softly: “Can I help now.”

“Sorry, I still have something to do.” Lin Yan didn’t bother to take care of Xiao Ji’s almost rascal method.

“Miss Lin Yan, we are also old friends anyhow, you will not leave me here.” Xiao Ji said.

Lin Yan squinted at Xiao Ji, this hand of moral kidnapping is quite experienced.

Faced with Xiao Ji’s moral kidnapping, Lin Yan smiled slightly, as long as she had no morals, she would not be kidnapped.

Seeing Lin Yan turned and left without saying anything, Xiao Ji sighed and said softly: “If I guessed correctly, you should want to know your life experience.”

As Xiao Ji’s words fell, Lin Yan suddenly Stopped his figure, immediately turned around and looked at Xiao Ji in surprise.

How could Xiao Ji know about her?

Almost subconsciously, Wang Jingyang appeared in Lin Yan’s mind.

In all likelihood, Wang Jingyang’s dogleg told Xiao Ji.

She has seen a dog, but she has never seen Wang Jingyang as a dog.

Wang Jingyang deliberately asked her to stay away from Xiao Ji on the phone. Is it because she was afraid that she would find this?

“Wang Jingyang told you?” Lin Yan looked at Xiao Ji and frowned.

Seeing Lin Yan stop, Xiao Ji laughed softly: “It doesn’t matter who told me, the important thing is…I know your life experience, how do you want to hear it.”

Xiao Ji’s remarks, how did Lin Yan know Believe.

Seeing that Lin Yan was unmoved, Xiao Ji also seemed to guess Lin Yan’s thoughts, and said: “Lin Yan, there is a surname, you must be very interested.”

Lin Yan looked at Xiao Ji and did not speak, it seemed that it was. Waiting for Xiao Ji to continue.

“Mu.” Xiao Ji said.

Lin Yan: “…”

As the surname Mu was mentioned from Xiao Ji, Lin Yan’s heart trembled suddenly.

Originally thought Xiao Ji’s dog could not spit out ivory, but Lin Yan did not expect that Xiao Ji would actually name the Mu surname she had always been so worried about.

“Xiao Ji, how do you know this surname…what do you know?” Lin Yan frowned.

“Trolley.” Xiao Ji smiled.

Hearing the sound, Lin Yan greeted Xiao Ji’s ancestor eighteenth generations in her heart. Lin Yan had already affirmed at this moment that Xiao Ji must know some hidden information that she didn’t know.

In desperation, Lin Yan could only step forward, pushing Xiao Ji’s wheelchair.

“Where are you going?” Lin Yan said towards Xiao Ji.

“Take me home.” Xiao Ji said.

“Take you home?” Lin Yan was taken aback.

“Don’t get me wrong, it’s back to my house.” Xiao Ji said.

The corner of Lin Yan’s mouth twitched slightly: “Xiao Ji, are you okay, your manor is dozens of kilometers away from here, do you want me to push you for dozens of kilometers?”

“It seems, Miss Lin Yan, your surname? , And there is no strong curiosity. The mere tens of kilometers away has already stumped you.” Xiao Ji said.

Lin Yan: “…”

At this moment, Lin Yan secretly gritted his teeth, wishing to break Xiao Ji’s bones. When he grew up so big, when was he threatened like this.

“By the way, Miss Lin Yan, I’m not threatening you. It’s just a deal, free to buy and sell. You pay for your labor and I will give you information. It’s as simple as that.” Xiao Ji said.