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Chapter 2 (Dear Armored Novel)

Early Xia was a graduate student. After the end of last semester, the school began to arrange internships. She did not hesitate to choose this southern military hospital. She still remembered that on the day when the internship was arranged, the dean of the department turned around and asked her father if she wanted her to stay there to work, if it was N City, what hospital and what department could she go to. But she didn’t want to stay in the jurisdiction of the N military district at all. That’s right, she is a police officer, and her father Xia Guangyuan is a lieutenant general who serves in the N Military Region. Since childhood, Zidi Elementary School, Zidi Middle School, and even universities are studying military medical college away from N City. Growing up, her biggest wish is to go to a place where there is no father’s influence and enjoy life freely.

It’s not that she has been wronged at home, but that she lives in such an environment, especially the parents of everyone around her. Every New Year and New Year party to eat, it is the children’s study, life, and preferences that are indispensable. The child is excellent, and the parents have brilliance. For more than 20 years, the beginning of Xia has been in a state of mental stress, for fear of not doing well enough to prevent his parents from getting off the stage. In fact, her parents never asked how good she must be, but she also loves face and puts pressure on herself. As the daughter of a general, she cannot be compared to others, at least she cannot be pulled too far. She wants to leave that place and go to a new environment where no one knows her. In this way, she can breathe unscrupulously, without worrying about being ashamed for not doing well enough, and not regulating her words and deeds.

Do what you like and discard everything you don’t like. The day they received the internship notice, their home turned upside down, and her mother cried and wiped her tears, saying that she would not be able to live outside herself. No one could take care of her in an unfamiliar place, and no one would know if she was sick. It’s too late when I think about coming back. Xia Chu admitted that what his mother said was the truth. Leaving N City is equivalent to leaving Fuwo. Listening to her mother’s cry, Xia Chu was speechless, just handing out papers one by one, occasionally wiping away tears. She can understand that her mother is reluctant to bear herself, but she does not understand why her father is so opposed. But she had made up her mind, the hospital’s internship notice was already in her hand, and she said it was impossible to give up.

In the contest between parents and children, it is the parents who bow their heads first, because they love their children more. When early Xia left with a suitcase on his back, Xia Guangyuan sent someone to send her to the airport. He said that this was her last benefit, a free air ticket, and she had to rely on her for everything in the future, and it was strictly forbidden to publicize that they were fathers. Female. When he said this, Xia Guangyuan sat in the shadow of the study, his voice trembled, but his tone was firm. Xia Chu stood not far away, bowed his head and buckled his fingers. Inadvertently, tears fell on his hands, scorching hot. Holding in her hands is the welfare her mother quietly gave her, she set foot on the land that is infinitely unfamiliar to her in G City.

At the beginning of Xia’s mother, Lan Ziyu, was a woman who regarded her family as her heaven. She lived around her daughter and husband all her life. When her daughter was about to leave, she felt that the sky would fall. In those days, everybody said that the girl was leaving, and the content of the phone call was inseparable. “The beginning of Xia is leaving, don’t let us old couple.” Xia Chu was helpless on the side. She was just going to work. How could she not want them? Aunt Mu is an old friend of Xia Chu’s mother. Now in Beijing, she heard that she was going to G city in early Xia. She was very excited. She said that her son was serving as a soldier in G city. The situation is very similar to today’s early summer. The family at the root of their imperial city took better care of their children, fearing that their son would be wronged in the south, so they bought a two-bedroom house.

Aunt Mu said that her son was in the army all year round and that the house could not be lived for a few days throughout the year. When Lan Ziyu secretly gave the key to Xia Chu, Xia Chu was really happy in her heart. She herself admits that those little problems of pampering her body can’t be corrected for a while, and it’s for sure that she suffers and doesn’t adapt to it. If there are some additional benefits, then of course they will not refuse. At the beginning of Xia, he reported the name of the community to the taxi driver. The driver turned his head and looked at her up and down, stroking Mandarin with his big tongue, and said strangely: “Little girl, see relatives?” “No.” “Find a friend?” “”No.

“Oh.” The driver kept looking at her through the rearview mirror. It was a bit hot in early summer. Is this place popular with the bottom question column? When she got off the bus, she understood the driver’s “that” look and “that” accent. That community is no longer able to do so. Described by luxury alone, she feels that this is the legendary, arrogant place with one car per square meter. “**. “Xia Chu gritted her teeth and walked into the community, but she likes it. Roo!!!! At dawn, Xia Chu left the hospital to go home. Today was originally her day off. Against the increasingly harsh sun, Xia Chu dragged heavily With her head swaying home, she bought a watermelon on the way and walked into the community in her arms. This is the most abrupt place between her and the community.

Residents and visitors in and out of the complex have famous cars to clear the way, not at least the famous cars have four wheels. She doesn’t have a famous car, or four wheels, only two feet. The first time she went in, she was dragged and questioned by the property security for a long time. Finally, after finding the switchboard and calling the owner, she was allowed to let her go. After she started going to the hospital for an internship, she wore a military uniform to go back and forth every day, which became the most beautiful scenery in this community, more popular than many expensive cars. In the early summer, I raised a highland fold-eared cat. It happened that there was a pet boarding center in the community, which was specially designed to provide convenience for householders who did not have time to take care of pets. Early Xia was worried about raising a cat but didn’t have time to take care of it. After discovering this treasure, she brought a kitten back without hesitation.

At the beginning of summer, he named the cat Ermiao. Xia Chu turned a corner and picked Ermiao home. The little guy squatted on her feet after seeing Xia Chu, Ermiao’s cry was warm and nice. It is still very small, just over a month old, with a small and fat body. When he walks, he pulls his buttocks. The top of his head and the four small paws are pale yellow. The rest is as white as snow. “Er Miao, don’t you think I am not?” “Miao Miao.” Er Miao rubbed Xia Chu’s palm, and Xia Chu touched its small nose, put it on the watermelon and hugged them home. The Ermiao lying on the watermelon is extremely awe-inspiring, standing in the wind like the captain. Back home, tired to vomit blood in the beginning of summer, fed Ermiao cat food, and fell down on the bed without taking a bath to meet Zhou Gong.

Early Xia’s personality is relatively lazy, but he likes the feeling that the house is clean and everything is arranged in an orderly manner. This apartment, before she moved in, had been in a state of vacancy, and the so-called homeowner seldom came back. However, there are still hourly workers who come to clean the house every week to ensure that the room is spotless and that the owner can come back for a nap at any time. There are hourly workers to clean the room, which saves her a lot of trouble. Running to earn money is to better enjoy the truth of life. She raised a few pots of plants on the terrace of the living room, bought a lounge chair and put it next to her, and hung a string of wind chimes on the sliding door of the terrace. When she first arrived in City G, it was still spring. She often sat in the evening on a deck chair on the terrace, blowing the evening breeze and smelling the fragrance of flowers, listening to the crisp sound, watching the dots of lights, and drinking Mingqian Longjing.

Life has to be as much ** as **. Knowing that she was heading to G city alone, her cousin who had been in Beijing for many years was afraid that she would be wronged outside alone. The trustee gave her a lot of things, such as the white wool carpet and the set of purple sand tea sets. For example, the luxurious four-piece suit on her bed. She changed the curtains in the living room and room to purple, light purple and pink purple, and decorated this “home” very warm and delicate. Early Xia likes a regular life, such as three meals a day, but she is not regular, such as staying up late. Sometimes people are really contradictory, and early Xia is a complete combination of contradictions. Her good friend Yoneya once said that if one word is used to describe the beginning of Xia, it is fine division and schizophrenia.

Sleeping until about 2 pm, she got up from bed in early summer, rubbed her eyes and went to the kitchen. She was still in a very confused state. She skillfully cut the watermelon, peeled it, and put it into small triangles on the fruit plate, and wrapped it with plastic wrap. , Put it in the refrigerator. Then, get into the bathroom of the master bedroom, jump into the big bathtub, and enjoy the essential oil bath. After all, she was borrowing to live in someone else’s house. The host and guest were different. When she first moved in, she consciously moved into the second bedroom. I stumbled upon the big bathtub in the master bathroom once by chance, which was too attractive for her. After she couldn’t stand her sex, she jumped into this big bathtub and was “undeemed” ever since. Anyway, this house is unoccupied, and there is nothing wrong with it being requisitioned by her for free before the owner returns.

**As I said, waste is the greatest shame. She has always warned herself not to be a shameful person. I soaked for nearly an hour, dried my hair, and took out the watermelon that had been iced for an hour. The water has not been lost and it tastes the most refreshing. By the way, the stove was turned on again, and a pot of millet pumpkin porridge was slowly boiled over a small fire. Early Xia never let herself be wronged, she is not good at cooking, but she will do something simple according to her own ideas, and if she has time, she will feed her belly in a different way. Not letting one’s stomach be wronged is the most basic principle of a doctor.

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