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Chapter 2 (The world where you)

Wen Ge imagined that the old man Wen should be an unsmiling, indifferent and serious old man. But in fact, the real image of Mr. Wen is far away from her imagination.

Wen Jing led her to the study.

Under the heavy sky, the old man stood in front of the emerald green potted plant in front of the window with his hands on his back.

Hearing footsteps, he turned around. Without a trace of expression on his face, he looked from a distance, his eyes were complicated and deep, which made people a little unpredictable.

Although adoption shortly Wenjing Fu woman, alone usually hear them on the master fragmentary son, hear the song also know he does not like her own …… even for such an awkward exists, is disgusted.

So she didn’t expect that Old Man Wen would smile at her. After making her sit down on the sofa, he took an iron box with candies and handed it to her , and even rubbed her hair very gently.

She was a little flattered, and after politely thanking her, she looked at him a little cautiously.

She will answer whatever he asks.

After a few questions, Old Man Wen smiled slightly and his expression became serious: “Wait until the end of the New Year, you will stay here. I heard Shaoyuan say, you don’t even give out the door from the cousin?”

Wen Ge nodded.

Thinking of the person whose eyes were as distant and tranquil as a distant mountain, he was slightly stunned.

Old man Wen sighed, patted her shoulder, and comforted: “It doesn’t matter, let Shaoyuan arrange a good school for you after the Chinese New Year. How can you not let you go to school when you are still so young.”

When the words fell, the voice changed, and he asked Wen Jing: “Are you not going to change the name of this child? Just let her surname Wen, not our Wen family’s surname?”

Wen Jing glanced at the song, and was silent for a while before saying: “My original intention of adopting her did not make her change her surname.”

Wen Ge looked at Wen Jing silently.

In fact, Jiang Junyu asked her if she wanted to change the “Wen” surname, because she did not want to.

Why persist? She didn’t know either. In fact, she knows better that changing her surname to “Wen” is the first step to integrate into this family.

This solidified atmosphere was stalemate for a while, and then Grandpa Wen laughed, and said nothing other than letting her go back to the room to take a good rest.

When Wen Ge was led by Wen Jing to the door of the bedroom, he couldn’t help asking: “Does Grandpa don’t like me?”

Wen Jing looked down at her, and when he opened the door, he asked, “Why don’t you like you?”



On the third night when the song arrived in City A, the heavy snow that had been brewing for a long time arrived.

Jiang Junyu is making her bed. Although there is heating in the room, the quilt is still a bit thin. Jiang Junyu was afraid that she would catch the cold, so he deliberately went to get a thicker quilt to cover her.

Wen Ge originally wanted to help, but Jiang Junyu rushed to tidy up her closet. Jiang Junyu went out with Aunt Xin to buy New Year goods in the past two days, and brought her along by the way and bought her a lot of clothes.

Compared with the dark days with Aunt Cousin, the Wen family is really benevolent towards her adopted daughter of a foreign surname. A separate room, fully furnished, with a separate bathroom, and a small balcony. Not to mention the cost of food and clothing, I have never been harsh.

I was in a daze when I heard Jiang Junyu calling her several times. As soon as Wen Ge raised his head, he saw the white snow flying under the dim yellow street lamp light outside the window, like feathers in the sky, one after another.

There was some surprise when I heard the song, so I went to the window to look.

There was a car slowly approaching not far away, and the light of the headlights seemed to penetrate everything, emitting a bright light. When I got close, I could see that a thin layer of snow had fallen on the car. When passing a corner, the light leaped over the eaves and slowly drove away from Wen Ge’s sight.

Jiang Junyu prepared her pajamas and pajamas for her. Seeing that she was still standing at the window, she reminded her loudly: “Wear the song, it’s late, take a shower and rest.

Wen Ge obediently agreed, and was about to take a bath. There was a knock on the door, and Aunt Xin’s voice sounded: “Jun Yu, where is Wen Jing?”

Jiang Junyu got up and opened the door: “Hey, he is not in the room?”

“I just called and there is no one in the room. But it’s nothing serious, just that Xiaoyuan came back. He didn’t let me remind him a while ago…”

Jiang Junyu had already opened the door and walked out. In the following words, he heard the song vaguely and couldn’t make a sentence. In the end, only the footsteps of them were fading away. Then, the room became quiet in an instant.

Wen Ge stood at the door of the bathroom with his clothes in his arms, looking at the long and narrow shadow dragged by the light in a daze——

Is it him, is he back?

After Wenge took a shower, he was so eager to sit still. I picked up the tea cup and was about to pretend to pour water downstairs. I just walked to the stairway where the first floor and the second floor were joined, and I saw a bunch of car lights shining like daylight under the dark night with heavy snow.

She walked to the window and looked out. The taillight of the car parked downstairs was shining. The light was scarlet, and accompanied by the sound of the car starting, it was like a beast dormant in the dark.

Before Wen Ge could guess who was in the car, Jiang Junyu walked out holding Wen Jing.

There is another person with him–

In order to celebrate the New Year, colorful lanterns were hung at the door. That person was standing on the side of the lantern, wearing a black coat, if it weren’t for the constantly changing lights of the glazed lantern, he might be able to melt into the heavy night.

Standing on his side, he was slender and taller than Wen Jing, with his hands in the pockets of his coat, and his posture was lazy. Through a thick layer of glass, he couldn’t see clearly the expression on his side face after hearing the song.

He only felt that his skin was very white, the glazed light came down, and his eyebrows, side face, and the corners of his lips were stained with fine brilliance. It was not real, but it was so clear.

Every nuance can be remembered after hearing the song.

He took her out of the cage-like room at Cousin’s aunt’s house, wrapped her in his coat, her brows were frozen, cold, alienated and indifferent.

Only that hand, kept pressing her head, stuck to the edge of his neck.

After being carried into the car by him, Wen Ge was pressed by him on his lap, and he carefully inspected his body for any bruises that had been abused. Frowning slightly, her lips pursed lightly, her gaze patrolling her exposed skin inch by inch.

The eyebrows, contours, and the smell of the song were all painted in his heart one by one.

It was he who brought her from the darkness into the light.

She couldn’t help but watch him tightly against the glass.

The three people didn’t know what they were talking to, and their expressions didn’t look relaxed. So much so that the three of them stood outside the eaves and didn’t care about them under the flying snow.

Before long, he nodded, stretched out a hand trapped in his pocket and waved his hand, as if he was about to leave.


In the next second, he turned around, lowered his head, and pulled the car door neatly. Just about to get into the car in a short stature, I don’t know why he was in a stature.

Wen Ge blinked.

Then he saw him suddenly raising his head, his gaze…landed where she was.

She stared at him from a distance, keeping the posture of clinging to the floor glass like a gecko.

Those eyes were as long and quiet as before.

Immediately, he did not stay.

Wen Ge… laboriously recalling every scene just now, did he see himself? In the end, the corners of the mouth raised slightly, in the end… Are you laughing?


When Jiang Junyu came upstairs with milk, Wen Ge was sitting upright in front of the dressing table and wiping her semi-wet hair. The 13-year-old girl looks stubborn and serious when she concentrates on one thing.

“Let me do it.”

She put the milk in her hand and took the towel from her hand to help her dry it.

Jiang Junyu is undoubtedly very fond of Wen Ge. She and Wen Jing have been married for many years, because of her special career, she has never planned to have children. Later, his comrades sacrificed, knowing that the child was helpless overnight, so he paid more attention.

The relationship between the two comrades-in-arms and Wen Jing’s husband and wife is very close, and they love this only daughter who has been fostered by her grandmother since childhood.

There was a vacation just a year ago, and I originally wanted to visit her for a comrade-in-arms with Wen Jing. It turns out…

Wen Ge’s cousin was not close to her family. Later, she contacted her because there was a little baby who was in sixth grade in the family. Now she is pregnant with another child, and the cousin’s family’s financial ability is really somewhat Bad, so it has always been a prevarication attitude. The final change was also because of the pension.

Unexpectedly, Wenge is the embarrassing period of entering junior high school. Wenge’s household registration is not here. In addition to tuition and miscellaneous fees, there are also borrowing fees. For their family, it is not a small expense. Aunt Cousin decided not to let Wenge go to school first, and was afraid that she would run out to complain and gossip, so she was locked in the small house, the door was locked, and the food was only sent in during the meal.

But all the calculations did not expect Jiang Junyu to find him from thousands of miles away.

Jiang Junyu was sent to the barracks when he was young, and did not grow up with his parents. He felt a little bit of empathy for Wen Ge. In addition, at a young age, being alone, the experience is inevitably a bit pitiful, and I can’t help but love it more.

She has no experience in taking care of children. Fortunately, she doesn’t need to worry too much about hearing songs.

She will arrange everything she needs to do, and will take the initiative to help her with some housework, even if it is not a big thing, this caring and warmth is precious.

But in fact, she is not such a character, loves to play, has the naivety and longing of a 13-year-old girl. But all of these were buried in the deepest part of my heart after suffering the loss of loved ones and many other things like warmth and coldness .

She is going to be sensible.

She is very clear about her current situation-in this world, she is alone.

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