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Chapter 3 (Bad Married Woman)

“I’m sorry, I haven’t decided to stay.” He didn’t stretch out his hand, but stared at her for an instant.

He remembered her, she was the girl who showed him big watery eyes that night, although it has been many years, her dazzling facial features have not changed much.

It’s just that she seems to be much healthier, her face paled like a faded flower back then, unbearable for a gust of wind.

“Then I need to show you around? So that you can make a decision as soon as possible.” Qian Jingfeng added, “As for salary, I can give you a salary at the executive level of a large company outside.”

“Is it so urgent? To be honest, I just came here with a curiosity, and didn’t mean to come here to work. Besides, you should know that I have always been very incomprehensible to you. Are you afraid that this will lead the wolf into the room?” He simply asked directly. Doubts in my mind.

“I’m not afraid.” Qian Jingfeng smiled and said, “As I said on the phone before, it doesn’t matter if you take all my property.”

Li Haodong sighed heavily, then smiled, “It seems you Are you unwilling to tell your own

intentions ?” “We have no intentions, but hope you can stay and help us.” This time it was Qian Youyu who spoke.

From the moment she saw Li Haodong, her eyes never left him, because she had a curiosity about him that she had hidden for ten years, and wondered what kind of person he was. Why did her sister keep thinking about him?

He looked at her, stared at her for a while, and then said to Qian Jingfeng, “The salary is the same. I don’t want to hear someone say that I have privileges behind my back.” For some reason

, he heard what she said and saw her. With the same eager look, he agreed.

Because it made him even more puzzled, and since he wanted to solve his doubts, it was inevitable to stay.

Hearing this, Qian Jingfeng finally breathed a sigh of relief, “Okay, it’s all up to you. You can tell Xiaoyu what you want. Also, I will leave here for a while, and leave everything to you when I’m away. “

Give it to me?” It’s not that he is suspicious, but their behavior makes him more and more confused.

“Yeah, Xiao Yu is a girl. She just graduated from university and doesn’t know anything, so I still have to rely on you to give some more ideas.” Qian Jingfeng looked at his watch, it was time to go to the hospital, “Then I’m leaving.

” Money…” Li Haodong wanted to call him but didn’t know what to call him, so he had to watch him leave.

You Yu smiled at him, “My dad may take three or four days to go, or it may take longer, I’ll take you to your room.” Taking his luggage, she walked to the stairs.

Li Haodong quickly took his luggage, “My things are too heavy, so I can carry them by myself.”

“That’s fine.” She pointed upstairs, “Your room is on the second floor, please follow me.”

He arrived at his room. After you introduced the basic facilities of this suite

, Youyu said: “You can rest for two days and start working after you adapt to the environment. This is my dad’s account.” Before she was about to go downstairs, Li Haodong grabbed her. With a sharp glance at her wrist, “What is your purpose? Don’t say no, I won’t believe it.”

Youyu was taken aback and frowned, “Why are you so suspicious? Do people have a purpose in treating you? Well, since you are so timid, go now, I won’t stop you. “

Although she knew that her father had always hoped that he could come over, and she made up her mind to fulfill her sister’s wish, his words like this seemed to imply that they were coveting him, and it really made her feel very sad.

Li Haodong was startled slightly, because the woman’s tough aura was completely different from the crying and pale little girl back then!

“You hurt me, so don’t let go!” You Yu glared at him.

Looking at her eyes, he really couldn’t find the weakness and helplessness of the first acquaintance from the bottom of her eyes, but a sense of tenacity and calmness.

Letting go of her hand, Li Haodong asked, “You don’t like to cry now?”

“What?” She didn’t understand what he meant.

“It’s nothing, you can go.” He gestured to pack his luggage.

Seeing his movements, You Yu was really relieved, afraid that she just had a quick tongue, if she really annoyed him and let him leave, Dad would definitely give her a meal.

“Okay, you rest.” Nodding at him, You Yu left his room. Seeing his red wrist grabbed by him, he couldn’t help but mumbled: “Really, I have such a heavy hand, I don’t know how to pity and cherish jade at all.”

After sitting in the living room for a while, Youyu wanted to go out for a walk. As soon as she got outside, she saw a worker carrying a large potted plant, “Qingzai, it’s too heavy, let me help you!”

“Xiaoyu, forget it. I’ll be fine.” Just when he tried his best to carry it, he found that the potted plant became lighter! He looked up and found that a strange man had helped him.

“Thank you, who are you?” Qingzai asked.

“Oh, he is new here, his name is Li Haodong, my dad invited him to manage this place.” Qian Youyu hurriedly introduced.

“It turned out to be you. I’ve heard the boss mention it. He said he was a bit busy lately and would invite a professional to direct us.” Qingzai sweated and smiled, “It’s really great to have you in the future. . ” “

do not say that you are the older generation. ” “

What the older generation, you are too kind. “Tsai Ching smiled, then pointed to a corner,” I Quban point sand. “

excellent rain hands back negative, Looking at him with a playful smile, “Hey, what should I call you? Call you directly or call you Brother Li?”

“Just call my name.” Li Haodong said as he arranged the flowers here.

“Okay, then I’ll call you Haodong, okay?”

He stopped moving and glanced at her, “You can call me by first name and last name, we don’t seem to be so familiar.”

She curled her lips and smiled suddenly. I think he is very interesting, “Are you too cautious as a person? In fact, you can relax a little bit, everyone here is very easy to get along with.”

“I didn’t expect you to become so much.” Li Haodong looked straight at her full sheet With a smiling face, he slowly approached her and stared at her smart eyes.

Seeing him getting closer, Youyu froze with a smile and took a step back, “You mean me?”

“Yes, it’s you.” A faint light and shadow flashed under his deep eyes.

“You said I changed? You… have seen me?” Youyu asked curiously.

“It doesn’t matter if you don’t mention the things a long, long time ago.” He didn’t want to recall the events of that day, because it would only make his mind that was hard to calm down again.

“A long, long time?” Youyu suddenly understood. My sister had met him when she was a child, so the person he was talking about should be her sister. Alas, I wish my sister could be discharged quickly and tell him what she has always wanted to say.

“I’ll help move the goods.” Li Haodong didn’t want her to continue to ask questions, so Li Haodong looked for opportunities to help Qingzi.

Watching him slowly walk away, Youyu couldn’t help showing a knowing smile.

My sister is right. He is a good person. Although his temper is not very good, but seeing him start working without even taking a break, he is also pleasant to other people. Shouldn’t it be too difficult to get along with?

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