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Chapter 3 (Dear Armored Novel)

The Special Brigade of the G Military Region received a task to rescue several trapped hostages. The criminals were desperadoes with guns and bombs in their hands. Tian Yong took off his bulletproof equipment and put it on the old grandmother when he was rescuing the hostages, and saved the grandmother’s life, but he was shot twice. There was no danger at all, but he still had to recuperate in the hospital after being rescued.

Tian Yong stayed in the hospital for a week, and the wound had basically healed. The army sent a correspondent to take care of him in the hospital. His girlfriend heard the news of his injury and cried in the corridor of the hospital for an afternoon. The nurses who came and went for it. Moving content. A woman who is a soldier is the greatest, because it is possible that in the next second, her lover will die for the country.

Early on Saturday morning, the General Hospital of the Military Region swarmed in with a large group of soldiers in regular uniforms, each with dark skin, bright eyes and very energetic. They are so tall and majestic that all the little nurses in the hospital blush. A group of people lined up in two rows in the corridor and walked to Tian Yong’s ward without squinting.

Pushing open the door of the ward, they immediately changed into individuals, squeezing in like wild horses, until the entire ward was filled with them, one by one shouting excitedly. “Where is the squad leader?” A young soldier realized this problem first. “Where did the squad leader go?” “I know that? The squad leader…” A few soldiers came out of the ward and shouted into the corridor: “Squad leader, squad leader…” The head nurse heard the movement at the nurse’s station and put down his hands. The work, three steps and two steps, ran over to stop.

“What are you shouting, this is a hospital, do you understand?” A group of energetic soldiers in the ward immediately became quiet, Xiao Teng squeezed out from the crowd and smiled and asked the head nurse: “Did you see our squad leader? We think the squad leader is crazy, and we are a little excited, but we promise that we will never make a loud noise again, right comrades?” “Yes!” a dozen or so people shouted together. “Yeah!!” The head nurse stretched his face longer, “I tell you, if you don’t pay attention to yelling, I will complain to your troops, regardless of whether you are a special brigade, or if you noisy other patients to rest, it is you. It’s not right.” “I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” Xiao Teng said with a smiling face: “Head nurse, you are merciful, we really won’t make a loud noise anymore, really.

“The group of soldiers behind him nodded with him to show their determination, their mouths closed tightly, and they didn’t say a word. Tian Yong went out for a lap with his girlfriend early in the morning, and when he came back, he saw a house of big men. With a shriveled expression, the head nurse stood at the door, with her hands around her chest, her expression unwilling. “Are you all here?” what happened? “Tian Yong was very happy when he saw this group of guys, but the situation in front of him made him a little confused.

The head nurse said: “Squad leader Tian, I won’t say anything when you come. This layer is full of Severely ill, it is wrong for your soldiers to make loud noises to make others rest. “Tian Yong laughed and said, “I’m sorry that the head nurses are all vulgar people. I am used to being in the army. I am really embarrassed to open my mouth. Don’t worry, if they yell again, you can do whatever you want.” The head nurse looked at a group of people and turned to leave.

She had just left, and the people in the ward were excited about it again, but they were all frightened back by Tian Yong’s eyes. They could only welcome Tian Yong into the room with their throats, vying to speak with Tian Yong. Seeing Tian Yong’s girlfriend, who was also a sister-in-law, the name was very sweet, and the little girl who called was embarrassed, and she ran out of the ward with a thermos. In early summer, I went to Tian Yong’s ward and saw a room of green military uniforms. He stood at the door and knocked on the door.

A room of people turned their heads to look at her, and it was a bit embarrassing to be stared at her by so many men at the same time. With a light cough, he said: “Room rounds.” “Doctor Xia.” “How are you feeling today?” Xia Chu stood in front of the hospital bed and asked him about his health, taking his temperature and blood pressure routinely.

“It’s all well, no problem. When can I be discharged?” Tian Yong has been in the ward this week. There is a time limit for going out for a walk, and the whole person is about to get moldy. “What kind of hospital is discharged? Has the wound healed?” “Okay, really.” Xia Chu wrote down Tian Yong’s physical indicators in the file book, and glanced up at him slightly, and asked in disbelief: “Really. All right?” “Really.” “Oh.” Xia Chu nodded.

Taking advantage of Tian Yong’s carelessness, he quickly pressed against the wound on his right shoulder. Unexpectedly, he heard Tian Yong’s gasp, his brows frowned. “You still live in the hospital honestly.” “Hey, Doctor Xia,” Tian Yong called to the beginning of Xia who was about to leave, “Then you say, when can I be discharged? I can incubate eggs in the hospital. .

“Xia Chu said with a chuckle: “Recover well and try to get discharged early.” “Tian Yong wanted to cry. To him, these words are like “remove well and strive to come out as soon as possible”. They are fooling people. If you don’t wait enough, you won’t be allowed to come out. Xiao Teng suddenly stood up, yes. At the beginning of Xia, he stood at attention and saluted.

“You are the doctor who saved our squad leader, right? Thank you for pulling our squad leader back from Guimenguan,” he said while holding Xia Chu’s hand with both hands, holding it tightly, his eyes were shining, and his eye circles were slightly red. Hearing Xiao Teng’s words, the other soldiers stood up. They saluted Xia Chu in unison, with a solemn and solemn expression. For a while, Xia Chu didn’t know what to say, and stared at a room of soldiers saluting her.

Early Xia hurriedly responded, saying: “Don’t do this, it’s not my personal contribution. Moreover, it is the doctor’s duty to save people. It is your squad leader who accumulated virtue in the past life, so this life is destined to live a long life.” “You are our benefactor, a special person. The benefactor of the brigade, as long as you say a word, we will never say anything about going up to the sword and down to the sea of fire.”

Xiao Teng seemed to say their aspirations, and the soldiers nodded heavily, with scorching and firm eyes. People are like this. Once in the army, the whole person will be brought into an atmosphere unconsciously, iron-blooded, unyielding, cherish comrades-in-arms, cherish life but can die for the country, for the country and the people can be desperate, comrades-in-arms are like A part of yourself cannot be discarded either.

They are proud of the title of a soldier, and the country is also proud of having such a soldier. Early Xia was also on a night shift today. I could have turned over and went home to sleep at 8 o’clock in the morning, but Dr. Li, who took over her shift, had a temporary incident and would not be able to come here later. Therefore, she went to rounds for Dr. Li, and the people in the house regarded her as a benefactor and invited her to be a guest in their special brigade.

Special Brigade, when they talked about their troops, their eyes were bright, and their chests straightened unconsciously. They were all proud of the title of “Special Forces.” After the shift, she took off her white coat and put on a military uniform, and the angel in white became a heroic female soldier. When Xia Chu was combing her hair in the mirror, she saw the green on her body and felt how proud she was when she chose a soldier.

Although she is still a student who has not graduated, although her military rank on her shoulders has only one bar and no stars, she is still one of the most respectable people in the world. This recognition made her feel passionate.

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