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Chapter 3 (The world where you)

The heavy snow in City A lasted intermittently for several days and didn’t stop until late last night. Looking through the window, there was a thick layer of snow outside the house, glowing dazzlingly white under the gloomy daylight.

It was windy outside, bitter and cold.

Aunt Xin stood in front of the liu table and folded the dishes with Wen Ge, looked up at the silver-clad world outside the window for a long while, and sighed slightly: “This snow can’t stop, and it will definitely fall later. …”

Wen Ge followed Aunt Xin’s gaze and looked out the window.

It was only three o’clock in the afternoon, and the sky was a lot darker than half an hour ago. The wind blew, and the yellow and dry branches were swayed by the wind, shaking off the snow. The snowflake was carried by the wind, and it looked like it was snowing, flapping.

While in a trance, I suddenly heard the sound of something falling from the living room, and there was a loud “bang”, as if something was pinched to the ground and torn apart.

Aunt Xin frowned and patted the back of Wen Ge’s hand to soothe her: “Wait here, I’ll be back later.”

Wen Ge nodded, watching the back of Aunt Xin going out, lowered his eyes, and continued to pick the leaves.

The closer it is to New Year’s Eve, the worse the father’s mood will be. I often bore myself in the study, sitting for a day. Even when it was time to eat, Aunt Xin had to urge and invite four times, and then went downstairs to perfuse.

The Wen family began to die a few years ago, leaving only four grandsons under the knees of Cheng Huan.

Old people always feel alone, plus four days of Sun Zaiping total is not around, the old house is looking forward to the New Year, we all come back get together.

As a result… Wen Jing, who had been in the army during the Spring Festival in previous years, came back this time, and the other three have not been seen until now.

Wen Shaoyuan was too busy with his just-started hotel business and couldn’t get away. I usually spend time at school when I have free time, and I haven’t seen it a few times throughout the year. Wen Jingfan said it was a school event. He went to the United States to exchange and study for three months, and he couldn’t make it back this year. Wen Jingran would rather be in S city than come back.

When the old man became angry, Aunt Xin was the one who worried the most.

Aunt Xin and the deceased old lady Wen are cousins. Aunt Xin came to the Wen family to help when the old lady was still alive. She is good at cooking, and she is also careful and meticulous in doing housework. Coupled with being alone, he has no worries, and he lives in Wen’s house.

Even if Mrs. Wen died later, Mrs. Wen kept her and stayed at Wen’s house. If there is anyone in the Wen family who can make the old man obedient, there is only Aunt Xin.

Not long after, Aunt Xin packed up the broken glass and came back, still holding a yellowed and somewhat shabby notebook in her hand and handing it to Wen Ge: “Aunt Xin didn’t go to school seriously when she was young, and went home to embroider after a few years. , I am so poorly literate… You can help me find Shaoyuan’s mobile phone number.”

Wen Ge’s finger was just next to the notebook, and when he heard the name Aunt Xin said, he was startled: “I want to call…”

Uncle didn’t know why, it was like being stuck in the middle of his throat, and couldn’t say it.

Fortunately, Aunt Xin didn’t notice: “Yes, if you find it, call it and ask your uncle to come back tomorrow… It’s New Year’s Eve, it’s like nothing to come back one by one.”

He heard the song “Oh”, and when he took it, his fingers trembled slightly.

She was lying on the soft armrest of the sofa. The phone was an old-fashioned dial-up phone. She dialed the numbers after correcting the numbers one by one. After holding the receiver for a short while, she felt sweaty and chilly in her palms.

After the busy tone of “beep beep…”, there was a brief voice answering the phone, and immediately, his low and deep voice sounded——


Wen Ge had thought about the lines originally, and suddenly connected, and heard his voice unsuspectingly. Suddenly… his mind went blank.

She held the receiver in a daze, completely unable to remember what she was going to say.

He probably didn’t hear the other party’s response, so he glanced at the caller ID, paused for a moment, and a little smile appeared in his voice: “Aunt Xin?”

“No, it’s not…” Wen Ge finally recovered: “I am Wen Ge.”

Wen Shaoyuan was silent.

After a while, he responded: “Is it you?”

Hearing the song gave an “um”, and then regained my senses: “Aunt Xin asked me to call you…”

Wen Shaoyuan had obviously guessed the purpose, and he muttered, “I know.”

Hearing Wen Ge, he was about to ask “What do you know…”, but when he heard him change the topic, he naturally jumped to-“Are you accustomed to living?”

“It’s okay.” Wen Ge’s throat was a little dry, and the fingers holding the receiver unconsciously tightened every inch, and asked: “Then you will be back tomorrow?”

“Not necessarily…” He didn’t explain, he kept silent on both ends of the phone like this with her. After a long time, he said “Well” and said: “It’s not necessarily if you will be back on New Year’s Eve. He will be back in the next year. if no period of time to do things, you can go to my room to see that a few books to see. “

Hearing the song “Ah”, he hurriedly asked: “Can you?”

Her visibly excited voice made Wen Shaoyuan bend his lips and let out a low “um”.

He didn’t calm down after he hung up the phone. Seeing no one around, he laughed silently.


Jiang Junyu and Wen Jing left early in the morning and didn’t come back until late at night.

When I went upstairs, I found that there was still light in the room where the song was heard. Wen Jing glanced at the time, it was already ten o’clock, originally Wen Ge had already rested at this time…

“Go and see.”

open the door.

Under the bright light, Wen Ge sat at the desk, pressing the pages of the book under his elbows, and was looking back at them.

There was obviously a look of tiredness on his face, and only those dark eyes were astonishingly bright, filled with water, as if there was a stream of light passing by.

Wen Jing pushed the door in, took a look at her, and asked gently, “Why are you still asleep?”

“I’m reading a book.” Wen Ge picked up the book and handed it to him, “I took it from… my uncle’s room.”

Wen Jing glanced, the originally stretched brows suddenly wrinkled when he heard the latter sentence, and raised his eyes to stare at her. There was a bit of blame in his eyes, and he obviously didn’t agree with her approach.

Wen Ge hurriedly explained: “It was when Aunt Xin asked me to call my uncle in the afternoon, the uncle himself said…”

When the words fell, Wen Jing’s brows were not loosened, but he wrinkled tighter anyway. Still Jiang Junyu chuckled, fingertips a little closer to his eyebrows, and smiled: “Shao Yuan never makes people move his things, but Wen Ge is an exception.”

what? ! Is it an exception…

New Year’s Eve.

Early in the morning, Jiang Junyu came to wake Wen Ge.

The curtains were opened, and the daylight came in through the window. Wen Ge raised his hand to cover his eyes, and when he got used to the light, he realized that he didn’t know when it started to snow again, intermittently, but continuously.

The sky was much brighter than yesterday, and at a glance, the entire city of A was gathered in this drowsy daylight. Covered with snow, on the eaves, on the vegetation, on the path…

Everywhere you can see is this pure silver white that can wash away the lead. The snowflakes were blooming, but there was such a bit of a cold winter atmosphere.

The old man was in a good mood. He brought a song and hummed a little song to patrol the back garden.

Neither of them opened their umbrellas, and a thin layer of snow was covered on their bodies shortly after they went out. When passing under the tree, just a gust of wind hit, blowing off the snow on the thin branches, all falling on the shoulders of the old man.

The old man was not annoyed. He turned his head and glanced at Wen Ge quietly with a smile, and suddenly asked: “Wen Ge, tell your grandfather, what is your name Wen Jing?”

Hearing the song, he was startled.

Although his eyes were gentle, there was a hint of sharpness, looking at her, waiting for her answer.

She rarely called Wen Jing, and called him “Uncle” only a few times.

But at this time, in the eyes of the old man, smelling the song is like being strangled, and gradually can’t breathe. The sense of oppression did not conceal the slightest, and Wen Ge instantly felt that he was not stepping on the ground, but being lifted to a high altitude, staggeringly unable to fall.

The thoughts in her chaotic mind were mixed, her fingers hanging under her sleeves slowly clenched, and her thoughts struggled for a long time, only then she pursed her lips and replied loudly, “My name is Dad Wen Jing.”

The old man raised his eyebrows slightly, expecting the answer. He turned back and continued to walk forward, walking extremely slowly.

That kind of pressure, that kind of urgency being watched closely, fell apart at that moment. Wen Ge now felt a bit stepping on the ground, and he realized it in a daze… His question just now was just for this answer.

Sure enough, the next question for the father is–

“If your father adds another younger sibling to you, will Wen Ge like it?”

Although he did not like the temperature turned out to kill the King’s daughter, but that does not face the innocent and when some poor kid, you say “You’re just I have wenjia adopted, without any blood relationship. You It should be understood, what does this mean” such words.

After all, at the beginning of accepting her, the old man also decided to treat her as a member of the Wen family. But all of these are based on the fact that she must be well-behaved and sensible.

In his mind-there is no blood relationship, naturally, it is impossible to do petting, only to be kind.

This question is obviously a better answer than the one just now.

Wen Ge lowered his eyes: “Of course I like it. I’m so grateful for my father to adopt me.”

The old man was very satisfied with this answer: “Let’s go, it’s snowing heavily.”

Wen Ge let out an “um” sound, and the fists hanging under the sleeves became tighter and tighter, and the dull and dull pain in my heart spread out like this.

Always…is different.

The old man’s acceptance is more like a compromise, and her role in it is like a random pawn on the chessboard. No trick is important for life and death, and there is no vital weight, so a chess piece does not need to have too much of its own thoughts. It is best if it is not out of control on the chessboard limited by the player.

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